3 Powerful Ways to Use ManyChat’s Randomizer in Your FBA Business

You may have noticed that the Seller.Tools team is quite fond of ManyChat. We know (and have experienced firsthand) just how powerful and beneficial this platform can be for Amazon sellers!

ManyChat’s also always innovating and rolling out new tools and improvements. Just recently, they practically overhauled the platform and laid out the roadmap into the future of Messenger Marketing. (Missed these updates? Check out our recap that runs through everything you need to know about ManyChat’s feature releases!)

One of our absolute favorite features overall? ManyChat’s Randomizer tool.

While this tool has been around for some time now, we’re always discovering new ways to put it to use in our businesses. But this powerful feature has special implications for Amazon sellers.

Learn more about ManyChat’s Randomizer tool here!

We’ve created a number of different flows that creatively use this awesome feature to specifically help you achieve your goals as an Amazon seller.

In this article, we’ll be covering how you can use the Randomizer tool to:
  • Target up to 6 different giveaway levels and promotion amounts, saving you $ and creating a dynamic giveaway experience for your customer
  • Rank for up to 6 different keywords using any promotion ranking strategy for any given ASIN
  • Optimize any creative element of your flow – copy, images, button text, and so much more
Ready to get started?
First, let’s talk about our Gamified Giveaway Flow to distribute up to six different promotion amounts in one flow.

We built this flow to send our customers through a fun giveaway experience where they have the chance to win one of up to six discounts – and you have complete control over how many users receive each one!

This is perfect if you want to entice users with the potential to get a huge discount, but also want to build in more higher-price purchases for ranking benefit on Amazon and savings in your cost to give away products!

Check out the video below for more information on how to set this up, then download the flow right here!
Next, we’ll use the randomizer tool to target different keywords when we’re running a promotion on ManyChat to rank on Amazon.

With the randomizer tool, you can create up to six different new paths for your users. We thought about this, knowing fully how well you can leverage ManyChat to rank on Amazon, and thought: why not try ranking more for than one keyword?

Your user’s experience is in no way impacted by this addition, but your listing gets the added boost of traffic for up to six different keywords. We created three different flows to meet this objective:

  • Ranking using an optimized link right to your listing, distributing a coupon code
  • Ranking using an optimized link right to your listing, capturing information needed to distribute a rebate
  • Automated keyword rotation in a search find buy message, capturing information needed to distribute a rebate
We like to think of these options as good, better, and best in terms of giving Amazon exactly what it’s looking for to rank on Amazon.

URL Rotator Promotional Code Flow

Use this flow to distribute a coupon code to your customer, and immediately send them to your listing targeting up to 6 different keywords. This is perfect for new listings to get the brand equity needed to move into more advanced ranking strategies, like the ones following!
Auto Keyword Targeting Rebate Flow

This is the next step up! You’ll still be sending your user right to your listing using an optimized link, but you’ll follow up with a rebate rather than giving them an initial discount. This is great if your product already has a few reviews and looks trustworthy.

PRO TIP: This flow is a perfect way to prepare for Auto SFB (read more below on this awesome strategy)! By using an optimized link to send your users right to your product, you can quickly start ranking to get the kind of visibility you need to start running a search, find, buy campaign.
Auto SFB

Search, find, buy promotions are hugely powerful in creating sustainable, long-term visibility for your products. They simulate an organic purchase experience and give Amazon everything it’s looking for when it comes to ranking your product!

This is perfect for more established brands and listings who are looking to solidify their spot at the top of page one.

Finally, we can A/B test different messaging and flow elements using the randomizer tool for ongoing optimization!

Admittedly, this is probably the most traditional marketing strategy that we use in our flows. But this in no way diminishes how important this tactic is in creating a successful, user-friendly flow!

You can do this by creating a randomizer step with two 50/50 outcomes. Then, test different messages, images, etc. and immediately see the results in the click-through rate and results in ManyChat! Get real insights into how users respond to your messages, and implement changes practically in real time.

You can optimize literally any part of your flow – copy, button text, images, sequence of messages, performance with and without instructions – the sky is truly the limit when it comes to ways that you can make your flows better and more user-friendly!

How else are you using ManyChat’s randomizer tool? What are special ways Amazon sellers can take advantage of this in running their business in ManyChat? Let us know below!
Aaron O'Sullivan
Cydney Glasser   Digital Marketing Coordinator @ Seller.Tools
Cydney guides digital communication at Seller.Tools, and loves empowering Amazon sellers to crush their goals by building innovative growth-hacking strategies.

She has an educational background in marketing and nonprofit management, and has enjoyed working in digital marketing and impact communication within multiple industries. Cydney is thrilled about the endless opportunities within e-commerce and the chance to be a pioneer in an ever-changing industry!

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