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Leverage the power of this powerful platform and its integration with Seller.Tools with these video resources!

Download ManyChat Flows

Steal the flows of top Amazon sellers! Access our ManyChat resources here to download these flows right into your account, then watch the walk-through videos on this page to learn exactly how to customize them in your account in minutes.

Download the flows here!

Rebate Automation

Now, with Seller.Tools, the ranking + rebate process is now 100% automated. Completely offloaded, with zero room for human error or delay. When you run promotions in ManyChat, you can now automatically create and distribute a Visa gift card rebate right to your customer’s email address.

With the Seller.Tools Wallet, you’ll be able to keep a balance in your account to automatically debit each time you distribute a rebate.

Check out the full walkthrough here!

Automated Coupon Code Distribution

Learn how to import this flow right into your ManyChat account and create a promotion in Seller.Tools to automate your ranking strategy through ManyChat. We’ll even show you exactly which items you need to customize in the flow to get it up and running for YOUR business right away!


Configuring Order Status Flow

Amazon sellers have paid thousands to create their own versions of this flow that allows customers to instantaneously get their order status right in Messenger – a perfect addition to your ManyChat promotional flows.
Discover the simple steps needed to customize this powerful add-on to your other ManyChat flows in this video!

Creating an MCF Order in ManyChat

Capture your users’ information in ManyChat and seamlessly integrate with Seller Central to directly send them a replacement order or special offer.

Learn how to set this up in minutes to start saving hours every week through automation!


Limiting Daily Giveaways with a Promotion Counter

Learn step-by-step how to limit the number of users going through your flows during any given time period and limit your promotions in ManyChat.

Capture 5-Star Reviews with ManyChat

ManyChat can be a review-generating machine for your Amazon business – IF you put it to work!
In this video, Troy walks through how you can make the most of ManyChat to skyrocket your review count and grow your presence on Amazon. Be sure to watch to learn all about how simultaneously simple and powerful ManyChat’s growth tools are, and learn how to leverage the power of the Messenger Ref URL growth tool!
The best part of this is you can download the flows of top Amazon sellers right to your ManyChat account, and start utilizing them in minutes!

Gamified Giveaway Flow

Send your customers through a fun giveaway experience where they have the chance to win one of four discounts – and you have complete control over how many users receive each one!
We’ll show you exactly how to implement this unique promotional flow and how to leverage some of ManyChat’s most underutilized features in this video!

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