Amazon Launch Calculator

Based on our collective experience running rebate giveaway offers we have come up with a calculator that calculates how many units you should be giving away a day based on the metrics. Disclaimer: Note these numbers are just rebate giveaway estimates and should not be taken as fact.

NEW (This is a product that is less than 2 months old)

OLD (This is a product listing with 2 or more months of sales history built up)

10 (Rebate Giveaway lasting 10 days)

15 (Rebate Giveaway lasting 15 days)

20 (Rebate Giveaway lasting 20 days)

25 (Rebate Giveaway lasting 25 days)

30 (Rebate Giveaway lasting 30 days)

User Input (This should be the price the users/customers are paying)

SFB (Search Find Buy, this is when users/customers search for the)

Custom URL (These are optimized links like hidden keyword, 2 step URLs, branded URL, super URLs)

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