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Level up your PPC strategy when you target the exact ad spend to ensure profitability.



Target your optimal profitability points – the exact point you’ll breakeven on ad spend and hit your target profitability goal – in seconds to make intelligent PPC decisions.


Protect your profitability by calculating the exact moment you’ll be at a loss. Improve and benchmark your PPC campaigns when you set these important performance indicators.


Optimize your product pricing, listing, and PPC bids to get closer to your Target ACoS and crush your profitability goals!

Enter your product’s info below to get your exact ACoS and profitability thresholds!


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If you aren’t creating measurable goals and performance benchmarks for your PPC investment, you’ll spend aimlessly without ever seeing real results.

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Streamline your advertising spend, automate your keyword bidding, and maximize your valuable time when you start leveraging the power of PPCS.


Completely customizable discovery tools dig up high-value, already-converting keywords to build and optimize professional campaigns


Optimize across every keyword, ad set, and campaign in minutes with machine learning-driven recommendations and smart bulk editing


Automate your budget spend by the hour – at the keyword level – to absolutely maximize the performance of your PPC campaigns.


Keyword Extractor

Discover untapped, revenue-generating keywords in an instant with the PPCS Keyword Extractor from Seller.Tools.

With true search term isolation (an advanced PPC strategy in a few clicks), you’ll continuously harvest top-performing PPCS keywords and never again miss an opportunity to optimize an existing or create a new top-performing campaign.


Bid Optimizer

Easily make machine learning driven adjustments to dial in on the optimal bid you should be targeting for each of your PPC keywords with the PPCS Bid Optimizer.

Bid Optimizer instantly analyzes your key performance metrics to give you a concise, actionable recommendation for each of your keywords, so you can restore your focus on executing these proven actions across ALL of your campaigns.

Quick Negative Matcher

PPCS combs through your account and discovering low-performing keywords for you – keywords that are draining your ad spend day after day and shooting your ACOS through the roof.

By making a few quick decisions about these recommended keywords, you’ll set rules that can be applied across your entire account. You’ll never have to think about these decisions again!


Task List Automation
Wondering how to actually take full advantage of an advanced PPC strategy like dayparting?


Automate some of your most important, budget-maximizing activities by creating precise schedule and budget adjustments with the Task List to absolutely maximize the performance of your PPC campaigns.

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