Amazon Sellers! Are You A ManyChat Expert?

The popularity and power of ManyChat is spreading like wildfire in Amazon communities. And, rightfully so.

But you may be asking yourself what makes someone a ManyChat expert in an Amazon FBA (or physical product) business?
No worries – we’ve got you covered!

Our criteria is quite simple. Subject matter expertise and the practical application of the most advanced strategies available. These often come in the form of exceptionally high ROI and ‘time-guarding’ (ie automation) driven strategies and tactics.

When more basic or less sophisticated strategies are utilized, you run the risk of getting pinged on this test in particular – not to mention your business underperforming or not realizing it’s full potential in the midst of the messenger golden era.


This goes beyond just catching founders (uh oh, is this you?) bogged down in ManyChat flows (daily) or worse being a bottleneck to automation, scale and massive growth in their business.

So let’s jump right into the test.

For each question you’ll want to choose either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Simple as that, and you’ll be able to check your answers against a key at the bottom of this article.

With that, let’s go!

Can you….
Q. Effectively distribute single-use coupon codes with real-time insights into use and redemptions?

Using something like a Google Sheet is a low bar here and as you likely guessed isn’t at an advanced level. It’s a great start but if that’s where you are at (right now) it will be No for this question.

Q. Ensure that your customer is getting the fastest, most efficient service and communication experience?

Any time you rely on human beings to complete simple, routine tasks, you open up the possibility for human error that can drastically impact your customers’ experiences.
Remember that any time someone else enters your flow, that is yet another person for a team member to interact with. You want to deliver exceptional support in real time, not only to show your customer that you value their loyalty, but also to deliver a complete 5-star experience and drive 5-star reviews.

Q. Offer buy one get one offers via ManyChat AND complete this in an automated fashion?

Buy one get one offers are one of the most powerful ranking strategies that keeps customers happy and often means lower overall costs (relative to other ranking strategies) for sellers. If this isn’t a tool in your toolkit AND if you’re doing it in a manual fashion this one is a No.

Q. Complete Multi-channel fulfillment orders ‘on the fly’ and not have to log in to Seller Central?

We know we should be spending as little time in Seller Central as needed because it’s rarely (if ever) a high value activity; doubly so when it comes to tactics in our business that require creating multi-channel fulfillment orders in a manual fashion. If you’re manually creating MCF orders in SC (especially as a founder) this one is a No.

Q. Verify orders in real time for advanced strategies such as rebates?

If you’re a founder spending time in ManyChat verifying orders… I mean you’ve seen the other questions, you know better. Your effective hourly rate as a founder in a business with high aspirations is exceedingly too high to be doing this type of basic, menial work. If you’re guilty this one is a big ol’ No.

Q. NOT break Facebook ToS by incentivizing sharing in ManyChat or messenger?

Be careful how you read this one. It’s a YES if you can use advanced strategies without breaking Facebook ToS. It’s a NO if how you use ManyChat is an a way that potentially compromises your account (and business) by breaking Facebook ToS.

This one is absolutely everywhere and very popular with gurus who aren’t using technical solutions (ie Seller.Tools API) and revert to strategies that jeopardize your account and effectively your business. Big no no. Use this opportunity to catch those championing this types of strategies who are doing a poor job of reminding their audiences what they are jeopardizing by taking these steps. And remember incentivizing (you get X, if you share Y) is a lot different than encouraging sharing (ex: Share Cards).

Q. Offer 100+ gift card rebate options to your customers with enterprise-level gift card management?

If you’re attempting to build any kind of high-level brand presence, this one is a must to get right. We’re still seeing brand owners buying Amazon gift cards and distributing the codes directly to their customers – and this one is a huge red flag. You could be sending your customers to a portal where they can choose their own rebate, including options for brick-and-mortar retailers and restaurants, and further insulating you from Amazon TOS violations.

 Correct answers:
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. Yes
6. Yes
7. Yes

So how’d you rate? Here’s the scale to give you an idea of where you stand.
1 x Yes – Automation Newbie
2 x Yes – Got the basics
3 x Yes – Ahead of the pack
4 x Yes – Pro Status
5 x Yes + Up – Certified Automation & ManyChat Expert

Are you looking for resources to obtain ManyChat expert status? Below you’ll find some of the tools and info top sellers are using every single day to crush it via ManyChat and blow up their Amazon business.

Seller.Tools ManyChat Resources

A full ManyChat integration with your Seller.Tools data is incredible powerful.

Check out our quick tips to get ManyChat up and running in no time! Download our expert-level free flows to save hours of work and get back to prioritizing the exact needs of your business.

The Ultimate Guide To Messenger Marketing and Facebook Chatbots

The companies who become early adopters of this fast-growing channel are going to have a serious advantage over their competitors.

If you want to come out ahead as the world moves away from email and toward messenger apps, this guide is for you.

Are you already a ManyChat expert? Join us in FBA Kings to fine-tune your skills with the best of the best in the community!
Aaron O'Sullivan

Troy Johnston   Co-founder, Seller.Tools

Troy Johnston is the Co-founder of Seller.Tools, a robust suite of optimization tools leveraging actual Amazon data. He sold one of his flagship brands for multiple 7 figures and quickly moved to consulting for 8 & 9 figure clients on Amazon.

Troy is obsessed with creating data-driven solutions for Seller.Tools clients by empowering sellers with the best data alongside exclusive features. You can find Troy and an amazing community of FBA sellers through the Facebook community FBA Kings.

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