New Enhancements and Features in Seller.Tools

Keywords manager got some great enhancements this week that will make this function of Seller.Tools even better (who thought it was possible). You can now select all on page, all, or specific keywords for managing, exporting, deleting, etc. making it so much faster.

Speaking of keywords, if you’re working with your competitor keywords in spy,  you can down export these into a report easily! If you haven’t done this, it’s a great way to get some new keywords and easily incorporate them into your listing and marketing.


Do you have sub users? Sub users now have great notification and information to help them to help YOU with Seller.Tools. This was a suggestion that was put into place after a request from a customer, so keep those ideas and requests coming so we can make this the ONLY tool you need to succeed on Amazon!



Enhancements and Updates from Seller.Tools.

Hello Seller.Tools Fans!

We have some Holiday Goodness to share, and I’m not talking about cookies…..

Have you seen our beautiful new graphs in your keyword manager and product manager? We love graphs for all the information they can give you. Make them a part of your listing, product and keyword follow up to see the changes Seller.Tools is making.

It’s all about Relevancy. Without it, what’s a keyword? We’ve added a a beautiful game changing relevancy column to your keywords manager. This shows the relevancy of the specific keyword to your product as calculated by Amazon.

Have you seen competitor builder? You may have noticed that ASIN builder has changed to competitor builder. Not only a new name but some sparkly new functions that will blow your socks off. This now includes both our awesome Spy5k and a new hidden amazon report card. The report card is not only a hidden report but this is the way that Amazon, if asked, would describe this product back to you. Great for your competitors, or try it on your own product!

Nothing better than a little more convenience. We know Amazon sellers are busy busy busy, and we’ve added another time saver for you.  You can now copy keywords from one product to another. Have similar products? Use this and save a bunch of time!

We are always here if you have any questions or suggestions, so hit us up!

Awesome New Features at Seller. Tools !

Hello Seller.Tools fans. Boy do we have a list of awesome new features for you! There’s so many we had to list them by feature!


Listing Manager

New Feature: Customers can now manually sync a product listing by pushing the sync button. (this will replace ALL fields other than subject matter)

Keywords Manager

New feature: Customers now have the ability to see and change any previous relevancy decisions you made for all of your products.
Enhancement: Change the way you set a master keyword for a new product. Seller.Tools will now analyze all keywords from either ASIN’s of your competitors or a list of keywords and help determine which is the best keyword to set as your master.
Enhancement: Increase speed  of Index Check
Enhancement: Decreased reuse time of Index Check from 24 Hours to 20 Minutes. Yeah now we can check indexing more than once a day!

Product Manager

New Feature:  Customers now can manually sync all products in their account. (Seller.Tools still syncs all your products every 24 hours).
New feature: Added a new settings popup menu for all products.
New feature: Added Custom Short Names for products under the settings menu.
New feature: Added the ability to turn off Auto Keyword Generation under the settings menu.
New feature: Added the ability to completely reset a product and start over.
Enhancement: Moved the archived from Product Manager to Product Settings popup.

Enhancement: Added stability and other backend enhancements.
Enhancement: Removed all of those annoying Index notifications.


We hope you love all the New Features and Enhancements! As always, please reach out if we can help you grow your Amazon business using Seller.Tools!

Not to Miss New Features of Seller.Tools

You may have noticed some new additions to your keywords manager page.You will now see two types of impressions. One is for broad and one is for exact. These impression numbers are per month and will tell you how many impressions your keyword or phrase has in a broad search and how many in an exact search.

In addition, we have added a new TSI Score. This stands for traffic score index. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best, this shows you how relevant your keyword is in the context of YOUR listing.

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