Seller.Tools is ManyChat’s Top Developer at Conversations 2020 by Cydney Glasser October 14, 2020

Seller.Tools is thrilled to receive ManyChat’s Top Developer Award as they launched the ManyChat App Store at Conversations 2020!

The team has worked tirelessly to create a simplified solution to build advanced chatbot strategies with ManyChat. Now with the Seller.Tools Native Integration, it’s easier than ever to creatively build solutions to rank and communicate with your Amazon customers more effectively.

We started out with a library of free ManyChat flows built using the strategies of the 7- and 8-figure sellers on our team. We’ve evolved into a streamlined application that works seamlessly with the apps you already use to run your business.

Check out Troy’s acceptance video ⬇️  ⬇️  ⬇️

Read more about all the other rockstar award winners at Conversations 2020 here.

Want in on the fun? Click below to check out all of our FREE ManyChat flows and to get started with the ManyChat + Seller.Tools Native Integration.


On behalf of the entire Seller.Tools team, we are delighted to accept this award and are looking forward to continuing to create the most innovative solutions for Amazon sellers!

Cydney Glasser Digital Marketing Coordinator @ Seller.Tools
Cydney guides digital communication at Seller.Tools, and loves empowering Amazon sellers to crush their goals by building innovative growth-hacking strategies. She has an educational background in marketing and nonprofit management, and has enjoyed working in digital marketing and impact communication within multiple industries. Cydney is thrilled about the endless opportunities within e-commerce and the chance to be a pioneer in an ever-changing industry!
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