Brand Awareness on Instagram: Reach New Audiences through Micro-Influencers

The best influencers you’re looking for are on Instagram. In fact, they are micro-influencers and they can dramatically increase awareness and sales through a strategy of authentic, personal storytelling combined with product tagging. This is the future of branding.

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If you truly want to promote your brand, generating authentic conversations about your brand is one of the most efficient ways to do it.

People recommending your product to their friends, family and coworkers are the best sales force in the world. Nothing beats a happy customer who already loves your brand, so make sure they love your brand before you launch.

You need more than an influencer with a huge following. You need an influencer who can engage with your customers in a compelling and authentic way.

Micro-Influencers are not professional influencers. They are real people, passionate about their hobbies and interests, that use Instagram to share their experiences and knowledge.

If you want the entire world to know about your brand, you need to start by making it known to your end-users and to their close friends and family. And that best way is to have them talk about your brand through their authentic content. One of the easiest ways is on social media, on Instagram.

We believe that anyone can be an influencer regardless of the number of followers. Influencer marketing is about the quality, not the quantity, the right way to do this is through people’s recommendations and not through paid advertising.

Generate brand loyalty. Get more Share of Voice.

Your brand’s profile is not on Instagram to get just likes and followers, for every person that sees your customers’ posts there is a real chance for them to convert at some point.

Your Instagram micro-influencers will be more than happy to promote your product for free. They don’t have a large number of followers because they are not professional influencers, however, they have great potential of gaining a huge following in the future and becoming real influencers.

These people are perfect for promoting your product because they have a real influence on their audience and mostly, they are not related to any other organization so they are more than motivated and happy to tag you in an authentic photo or video.

Some of the benefits of Instagram Micro-Influencers:

  • It creates brand-awareness by encouraging users to share a branded hashtag;
  • Helps you get Followers
  • Increase the Social Media Presence of Your Brand.
  • Helps you get more Brand Awareness
  • Grow your eCommerce store
  • Get authentic photo/video content and the permission to share and reuse it further on your marketing campaigns

What’s the first step on this journey?

When you’re building up a new Instagram account, your bio is one of the first things your followers will interact with. If you’re just getting started on Instagram and want to build a community around your brand, then you’ll want to take the time to craft the perfect bio — one that will help users understand what you offer, why they should follow you, and how they can connect with you.

Your Instagram bio is just as important as your profile picture. You want to be able to tell your potential followers everything they need to know about your brand or business in just a few short sentences, so you need to make sure it’s attention-grabbing.

The most important thing about your content is that it’s interesting. If it’s interesting, then it’ll attract an audience. If you can find a way to be different and stand out from what everyone else is doing, then you’ll automatically be one step ahead.

To grow an audience on Instagram, you need to post regularly. Ideally, you want to post at least once a day, but more than that will give you even more reach and engagement.

Get in contact with Micro-Influencers relevant to your product or niche.

You just need to contact people with profiles with 1000+ followers, matching some strategic criteria and asking them to opt in to your micro-influencers program. The people contacted during this campaign are not Professional Influencers that are paid in order to promote all kinds of products and they are not members of Professional Influencer Services.

Send them branded gifts, give them instructions on when to post photos and videos, and assist them in what hashtags to use for their marketing plan and how to convert their followers into customers for you. They just need to be sure to tag your profile when posting and use the right hashtags. Is not just about getting a single post out of it, but getting them involved in a long-term relationship that will bring in additional customers over time.

Plan fun activities and a special reward system for the best ones. Some of our Influencers participate in this program as a hobby, but others participate because they really use your product in daily life.

Keep improving your Instagram profile.

Keep your Instagram profile visual-appealing and interact with your audience. Feel free to create relevant content for your niche on your brand profile. Our free eBook is offering some tips and tricks on how to create your brand profile on Instagram.

People are easier to reach than ever before. Use Instagram and send them a campaign proposal offering collaboration with you in exchange for offering them a free product. Join the revolution today with a unique way to connect with customers and potential customers through the only medium that really matters: authentic storytelling via micro-influencers on social media.

Marcel Marculescu Co-Founder and CEO at intelliRANK
intelliRANK is a one-stop shop for building online visibility. We connect brands with hundreds of highly engaged micro-influencers who have authentic engagement on Instagram. In order to help you in reaching your goals and give you the best results, we have created a program that provides you with the access to a different group of people with different power of influence in your product area. We can help you grow your store with influencers that feature your product in their authentic content with unfiltered photos and videos to make you stand out from your competitors, gather new followers and spread positive vibes about your brand. We believe that the best way to have an important impact is connecting you with real people, not with a group of professional bloggers or instagramers who will promote all kinds of products without any interest in the product's subject.

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