Get an Avalanche of Amazon Product Reviews with This Free ManyChat Strategy

If you’re not securing tons of 5-star Amazon reviews alongside your increasing sales, you’re missing one of the biggest opportunities on Amazon. And guess what? It’s really not that difficult to do.

Capitalize on (ToS-Compliant) review opportunities for every single sale with this complete strategy — all while creating a glowing-review-worthy experience for your customer.

Keep reading for everything you need to do this! We’ve even included multiple downloadable templates that you can use to get this set up in no time.

Your customer will:

Setting this up is easy. You can do it in minutes!

1. Get your ST-Automated Free Gift ManyChat Template right here.

This flow will verify your user’s order ID, capture their mailing address, automatically send them another free product, and will automatically follow up with a ToS-friendly review request (originating from Amazon) — all on your timeline.

You may have seen a free gift flow before, but you’ve never seen one this powerful.

Grab your product insert ManyChat flow template here!

2. Download this free product insert Canva template.

Customize for your brand and add your own QR code to drive traffic to the ManyChat template.

Check out this awesome resource from ManyChat that will teach you how to build a custom QR code leading to your flow in seconds!

Grab your product insert design template here!

3. Send your insert to the printer, and add your new inserts to your Amazon product!

In no time, you’ll be taking full advantage of every single sale — seeing a literal avalanche of Amazon product reviews while creating repeat customers.

>> Interested in a more advanced version of this flow? One of our MC+ST Experts, Tyler Morin, takes this to the next level.

Check out + purchase his Premium Product Insert Flow here!

That’s it! It couldn’t be easier to set this up. This is a strategy that you can run in the background — getting reviews and doing the hard work for you.

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Cydney Glasser
Content Strategist and Automation Specialist, Seller.ToolsCydney directs automation strategy and digital communication and at Seller.Tools, and loves empowering Amazon sellers to crush their goals by building innovative growth-hacking strategies. She has a background in marketing and nonprofit management, and has enjoyed working in digital marketing, operations, and strategic communications within multiple industries. Cydney is thrilled about the endless opportunities within e-commerce and the chance to be a pioneer in an ever-changing industry!

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