How Can Bulk Operations Help You With Optimizing PPC Campaigns?

If you have experience in selling and advertising your products on Amazon, you must have heard about bulk files. They are made to help brands to easily organize and optimize campaigns without having to edit them manually.

So how can bulk files really help you with optimizing PPC campaigns and why you should use them?

Why should you use bulk files?

One of the best ways to organize your campaigns is through bulk files. Why? Because they are available for every account and give you an overview of your campaigns in a glance. They will save lots of time and you’ll be sure that you’ve covered and optimized everything.

With bulk operations, the possibility for error is less possible and what is important, server errors can’t mess up the changes that you wanted to make. Also, you can work in offline mode and upload bulk files to the account later.

Maybe the information you get won’t be so colorful, and you won’t have suggested bids for specific keywords. Still, these files can sure help you optimize your campaigns and see your strong and weak points.

Easy optimization and reporting

This simple Excel file gives you an opportunity to, with a few filters, find everything you want, from keywords, placements, portfolios, ads, and campaigns. After filtering, you are able to change the bid, pause keywords that don’t bring you profit, do a placement correction, and add positive and negative keywords. If you are an advertiser, you can easily manage a client’s account in a few clicks in order to respond to current situations and make changes in no time.

Also, these files allow you to create different reports in just a few clicks and with the help of a few filters. Using reports created from bulk file data you can easily measure the performance of your ad groups, ads, and keywords for a specific period of time.

Most importantly, these operations give you some space to think and conclude which ads work best. For example: when you download the bulk files, you can find that some keywords have high spend but no conversions. In this case, you will pause those keywords which don’t bring you profit and create non-performing manual campaigns out of these keywords.

Using different paid optimizing tools is not always the best option. These tools can malfunction because of account ups and downs. Especially in times of crisis, like a coronavirus outbreak, it’s not always easy to manage their interface and optimize campaigns. Even if you have a paid tool, you can still use bulk for checking on your campaigns.

How to use bulk files?

To maintain an Amazon account you have to perform bulk operations regularly. Daily bulk operations are needed for normal account functioning and development include tasks like bid optimization, placement correction, adding positive and negative keywords, etc.

So how exactly do you perform these operations?

Once you understand the value of bulk files in account optimization, you won’t mind the less-colorful depiction and layout. It’s essential to understand the structure of bulk files and to find patterns that could help you make changes. You can change basically everything in Sponsored Products and hopefully, the number of possible changes will expand for Sponsored Brands and Display. There’s still enough room for the other two campaign types.

The first thing you need to do would be to uncheck everything and make sure the whole bulk file is downloaded. Once you have the whole account in an Excel file you can start analyzing and optimizing every part of the account.

Kristina Mertens

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