How To Sell A Unique Product On Amazon

So, you came up with this amazing idea and then turned it into a patented product and you just know people will love it. Of course, the next logical step is to sell it online and more than likely, that includes Amazon.

But here’s the problem: Amazon is an end-of-the-funnel platform. This means that people don’t go onto Amazon to discover something new – they already have an idea of what they are looking for.

So, while your product might be top-notch and a million-dollar idea, it will be hard to take-off on Amazon. Remember, people can’t buy something they don’t know how to look for.  And they won’t look for something they don’t know exists.

So how do we circumnavigate this conundrum so that you can yield good results on the Amazon platform?

Pick Products That Are Similar or Can Be Used With

First, you have to decide what subcategory you want to be in which can be difficult if it’s a new-to-market product. But you still should be able to find a subcategory that aligns with the functionality of your own.

Let’s say you came up with a towel that, when used, helps get rid of eczema. Of course, the actual product is a towel, but it’s main purpose isn’t to dry you off. Its main function is to relieve/cure eczema. So, you probably don’t want to be in the browse node:

Home & Kitchen > Bath > Towels > Bath Towels

It’s a very low percentage of people that will be shopping for towels and decide to purchase ones geared toward skin conditions.

Instead, what you could do is see what results come up for “eczema treatment.” What comes up under that search is mostly eczema soothing cream. While cream is obviously not a towel, a person searching for eczema cream may very likely come across your towel and choose to purchase it either in conjunction with or as a replacement of the eczema cream. This is a far more likely scenario than if you were to be in the bath towel browse node. Instead, you will want to be in the following node:

Health & household > Health care > OTC medications & treatments > Eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea care

Then, you’ll want to do your keyword research focusing on the competitors in this subcategory as opposed to the bath towel subcategory.

Use Facebook and Instagram Ads

Being in the correct browse node on Amazon probably won’t be enough to bring in a lot of sales. You’ll want to create awareness about your product to the masses. And the best way to go about that is through social media advertisements.

Make sure that your creative (the banner or video you’re choosing) is eye-catching and lets people know immediately what your product is about. You only have 4 seconds to capture their attention, so make it count.

Also, make sure to create a Facebook audience that really fits your niche; otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of wasted money on views but no conversions.

Find An Influencer

Influencers work great because customers are significantly more likely to trust another buyer over a company pushing their own product.

Influencers are a great way to not only get your brand and product recognized but also to get people hyped up about your product. Then, just have influencers send interested customers to your Amazon page with a link.

ManyChat Flows

Chatbots are a great way to achieve brand awareness while also collecting data. Chatbots can be linked to Facebook ads and send potential customers down a flow of questions before being able to purchase the product.

Worked in conjunction with SellerTools, and you can have fantastic results. This allows you to collect phone numbers and emails so you can retarget them later down the road or you can create lookalike audiences based on this information for future ads.

In general, it’s best to use all these practices together to get optimal results. However, the main take-away points are that:

1) You NEED to be found on Amazon (if that’s one of the marketplaces you are selling on) and

2) You need to create some kind of social awareness surrounding your brand. Otherwise, nobody will know you exist which means they won’t get the opportunity to see how awesome your product actually is.

McClain Warren Founder and Co-Owner, Liazon Marketing
McClain Warren is a blogger, Amazon business consultant, listing optimizer, and co-owner of Liazon Marketing. She has helped hundreds of clients accomplish their entrepreneurial goals. While she loves everything Amazon, her true passion is writing and continues to educate and inspire people through written words.

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