No Drive Nuts: Speed Might Be Keeping You From Amazon Success

Or “slow down”. I pass by this wonderful daily reminder, and smile and slow down both physically and mentally.

We live in an instant gratification world. 1-day shipping, instant messaging, ManyChat flows that run when we sleep – it’s no wonder we expect everything right now and work super quickly on everything.

Unfortunately, it permeates us and leads us to make rash decisions and sometimes mistakes that can cost.

A great example was the Amazon email that went out regarding Terms of Service (TOS) changes to product inserts.

Within minutes, we received so many inquiries regarding this, including possible plans of action from sellers that were planning things like removal orders, pulling ManyChat sequences, etc. WOAH – NO DRIVE NUTS! When things like this happen, take a breath, think logically and wait a beat.

Inevitably, a supplemental email came out apologizing for the error and all was well.

What if we reacted so quickly that we removed all our stock? Imagine. Weigh pros and cons, research, make a plan and THEN take action.

We wear so many hats as Amazon sellers. It’s no wonder that our insanely busy lives as Amazon sellers can also cause us to make huge mistakes. We skim through emails, fly through checklists, and just acknowledge and make mistakes that can cost us time and money.


One perfect example of this? Last Launch.

Last Launch with discount coupons and/or giveaways is an incredible opportunity to rank for keywords for your ASINS, but it must be executed with precise data and tripe-checked details. We offer an easy-to-use, comprehensive checklist for all the items you need to run a successful launch.

Don’t skip through this list. Read each line every time you run a launch as it may change, and make sure you follow the guidelines and advice to a T. This is all with your best interest in mind – we want you to be successful!

We don’t want you to lose stock, or have a launch that we cannot run successfully for you. Slow down and make sure each of these are tackled methodically. Please and thank you!

Slow down, make a list for each item you need to achieve in your business, make a plan for each item and tackle one at a time. Use the data and features that are at your fingertips with Seller.Tools.

I promise the time you take to slow down will reap the reward of success (and probably lower blood pressure).

Gina Drohan Customer Success Lead, Seller.Tools
I’m Gina, Seller.Tools customer success lead and optimization coach. What some don’t know about me is that I have built a seven-figure Amazon business and continue to build business after business on Amazon while helping others do the same.

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