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Definitive Guide to Relevancy %

A question I’m often asked is how to positively impact Relevancy %.This article aims to address this question head-on.Since rolling out the ‘Relevancy %’ feature on the Seller.Tools platform (a metric directly from Amazon) we’ve continued to test anecdotally on our own brands to truly isolate what Amazon is rewarding with respect to the all-important relevancy metric.Through various rounds of testing and with ongoing insights we’ve been able to identify the 4 key factors you can prioritize to impact Relevancy % for the keywords on your radar.

How To Fix Your Index Issues (Graphic)

That’s how many sellers are finding themselves following the most recent Amazon update that is, in most cases, adversely impacting index and rank status. Fold in a bit of misinformation and misunderstanding spreading like wildfire and if you’ve got all the makings of mass confusion. Rest assured! We’ve got you covered. From insights into billions of keywords that we actively manage here at Seller.Tools we can give you practical steps to make sure you know exactly how to fix your index issues once and for all. Check out (and SHARE) this nifty graphic we put together for you.

7 Tips and Tricks to Supply-Chain Success

Private label manufacturing has never been so accessible. Yet, challenges remain dictated by complex inventory management, overseas relationships, and quality control. A good supply-chain has a lot of moving parts. If you want to reduce your exposure, make things more efficient, and start aggressively growing your sales, read on for our 7 Tips and Tricks to Supply-Chain Success. Written by China and ecommerce experts. (Note: The terms vendor and supplier are used synonymously.)

All you need to know to win with Amazon PPC

I’ve been fortunate enough to be born with an entrepreneur mindset.

Not from a wealthy family, since young age I was always able to leverage my skills and factory/consumer price arbitrage to get some “pocket money” in order to buy what I wanted, and until now nothing has changed.

Google Keyword Research Made Easy (and Done Right!)

SEO has changed a lot over the years. What worked 2 years ago might not work today. Voice search is emerging, site speed is important, the experts tell us that backlinks are everything, and then there’s the small matter of machine learning AI.

But what about keywords? Where do they fit into all this? Do they still matter? Is “keyword density” even a thing still?

Pros & Cons of Dominant Amazon Business Models

Selling products via Amazon FBA as a “Make money online” or “Make money from home” business model has grown exponentially in the past few years.

Millennials are waking up to the fact that their college degrees don’t guarantee a job that will pay off their student loans before they die.

Save Thousands By Having Your Supplier Act As Your Warehouse

In any physical products business cash flow is always a challenge. Running out of stock can kill product ranking and leave thousands of dollars on the table but having too much inventory can tie up precious capital that could have otherwise been used to grow your business. On top of that using Am

5 Key Strategies for Managing Multiple VAs

Managing multiple VAs is a very real challenge that many online sellers face. But VA management does not have to be that thorn in your side that just won’t quit stinging.

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