Selling on Amazon Europe – Is It Worth It?

You’re probably reading this article because you’re wondering if selling on Amazon Europe is (still) worth it:

Spoiler alert: Yes, it is.

In fact, there are countless good reasons to sell on Amazon Europe marketplaces.

Recently, the growth of the US marketplace has been slowing down and many fear it may have reached its peak, whereas the European marketplace is still growing steadily, with an average yearly growth of around 14%.

Additionally, Europe has a population three times the size of the US – 750 million compared to 320 million potential customers.

On top of that, Amazon is aggressively expanding into Europe and investing millions of dollars into setting up new FBA locations and buying local logistic companies, couriers, etc. to streamline the whole process for sellers.

So, whether you are a new Amazon seller or an established seller from outside the EU, you should consider starting to sell on Amazon Europe.

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As you can see in the table below, four of the top ten Amazon sellers in the world are Amazon FBA EU sellers – two from the UK and two from Germany – compared to only ONE from the USA.

Kristina Mertens

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