Step By Step Guide to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is Amazon’s very own essential tool that gives private sellers the authority to customize product marketing. Using EBC, brand identity can be built with premium quality images, videos, and graphics. This adds a creative touch to your product listings.

When it comes to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, private label sellers always look out to differentiate their products from the competition. Your product must be different from the market. Additionally, online shoppers should be convinced the product they are buying will live up to their expectations.

Understanding the Amazon Enhanced Brand Content.

Enhanced Brand Content uses visual components to substantiate product descriptions of particular Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) within your archive. Even though numerous private label sellers have their hands on EBC marketing service, it’s authorized for ones who are registered for the Amazon Brand Registry. As far as we know, EBC is still used free-of-cost.

Through EBC, you can share product-related specific details, supplementary information and directions that otherwise may not fit in your main listing. For products that are complex, innovative, and are yet to be launched within the competitive market, EBC comes as a handy tool. If you’re executing it right, A+ content can give you increased conversion rates, website traffic, and sales.

Since EBC is indexed by Google, it’s critical to make sure that your content is optimized entirely. From the title to your bullet points, you need to optimize them and add alternate images if you want EBC modules to rank well within the Google Search Results.

Incorporating Amazon Enhanced Brand Content To Your Brand Listings.

We have already mentioned that Amazon EBC is only added to your brand’s registered ASINs. In your Amazon Seller central account, look over to the Advertising menu, and select the option that says Enhanced Brand Content. From there, put in the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) of the product you desire to enhance.

From the five EBC templates that display on your screen, select one and prepare to work on it. These modules include images, texts, sidebars, specifications, images with text overlay and comparison charts. A single template allows you to utilize 7 modules; however, you don’t need to use all of them. What’s important is to deliver superior quality photos relevant to the product and informative content. If you decide not to make use of all 7 modules by chance, Amazon will reformat the new content to allocate extra space.

It should be noted that not every template will bode well with the content and its amount you have. For instance, if your particular product has detailed instructions, you can try a text-based module. There’s always a window for previewing your content and deciding whether to make any changes before posting on Amazon. Our suggestion is that you choose an infographic over a text block to display information for better engagement.

Images and graphics should be equal or smaller when compared with the allotted size on each module. The text that goes can be kept bold, italicized, underlined, with bullets and numbered lists as per your liking. Note that Amazon can reject your content based on:

  • Providing data, such as personal address and contact phone number.
  • Images that are blurry or depict poor quality.
  • Images with text that’s unreadable.
  • Boasting off with phrases such as “Dirt-cheap selling item on Amazon” or proclaiming warranties, claims, and guarantees.
  • Using copyright, registered, or trademark symbols.
  • Having errors of grammar, punctuation, spellings, and unwanted capitalization of words.
  • Content deems as a violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service or merchandising policies.

Usually, Amazon approves or denies submitted content within seven days. On denial, Amazon also provides comments and suggestions on how to revamp your content. When approved, the EBC draws on your product page on Amazon.

Including Videos to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content.

Ever since the year 2018, Amazon has given registered sellers the option of adding video content to their ASINs. Content in video form appears in the top listing section alongside image tiles. These videos prove to be a great way of convincing the buyer about how the product looks and what it guarantees. Moreover, it impacts viewers who refrain from investing time to see the remaining part of the EBC. It works the same way as EBC is added; all you have to do is select and SKU under the Amazon Enhanced Brand Content section and click on Upload. Once again, Amazon has the right to reject your video.


If you are thinking that can solve all your marketing problems, think again! Even if you are effectively using Enhanced Brand Content, you still need a comprehensive marketing strategy for your brand.

That’s why we have other marketing strategies to help you succeed. Combining PPC, email marketing and different approaches with Amazon Enhanced Brand Content can give you improved performance.

Multiple Digital Marketing service providers can hook you up with all the information you need to be a competent seller on Amazon. Interested in learning more? Check Out Amazon EBC.

Kamaljit Singh, Founder and CEO of AMZ One Step
Kamaljit Singh is the Founder and CEO of AMZ One Step and a former Amazon seller. Kamaljit has been featured in multiple Amazon podcasts, YouTube channels. He has been organizing meetups all around Canada and the US. Kamaljit has over 300,000 views on his Quora answers regarding FBA. Kamaljit also founded AMZ Meetup where he organizes conferences for Amazon sellers.

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