What is Enhanced Brand Content ? Full Guide to A+ Content

A+ Content has been proven to catch the attention of potential customers and increase conversion rates.

Enhanced Brand A+ Content gives sellers with Amazon Brand Registry the opportunity to modify their product description with images and various text placements. EBCs let sellers tell their brand story and showcase their products. Sellers can use EBCs to describe specific product features, compare a line of products, and display additional lifestyle photos.

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content

Well-designed Enhanced Brand Content can increase customer engagement, leading to higher conversion rates. EBCs also provide another opportunity to increase search rankings by including relevant copy and image keywords. EBCs are especially important in highly competitive fields; customers may use EBC as the deciding factor when choosing between multiple brands.

Watch a My Amazon Guy Designer build EBC

This is really cool. Watch as a designer uses Photoshop, adjusts colors, images, graphics, sizing, and build a full A+ Content design from start to finish.

When you are writing product descriptions for A+ content, or Enhanced Brand Content, you need to write a lot more copy than you might assume. As a brand owner you should tell your story. Amazon EBC does in fact index for SEO. The search terms you embed will increase hundreds of new targeting keywords, which leads to increased sales and traffic. Make sure your image blocks have alt text keywords in them. Adding copy, images, and A+ content is one of the fastest ways to grow your brand through your Amazon listings.

Best Practices for EBC:

  1. Add 1000+ words of copy
  2. Keywords in copy, headlines
  3. Keywords in alt text of photos (behind scenes)
  4. Take up space, decrease noise from competitors and other Amazon elements that don’t help your sales
  5. Organize information in a pyramid with the most unique product information at the top, product grid in middle and category information in middle, and brand story at bottom.
  6. Recommend using custom templates to build as you have assets available.
  7. Copy the templates over to other products.


  1. Increase total keywords ranked for
  2. Increase keywords rankings to be higher ranked to page 1
  3. Increase traffic to listing
  4. *Enhanced content has not made much of an impact to conversion rates for most sellers – and is thus seen as more of a traffic play*

EBC A+ Content Examples

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