TSI+ – The crucial datapoint search volume is revamped and based on a brand new Amazon datapoint – and it makes prioritizing keywords a breeze. The higher TSI+ score, the more powerful the demand and traffic for a keyword (as confirmed by Amazon).
Pulse – Get immediate visibility into keyword performance. This aptly named exclusive feature powered by Amazon data is all about how you’re performing for a given keyword. Convenient color coding makes it easy to make the most of traffic potential and demand for any keyword.
Smart Filters – Build your own custom filters to dial in with a laser-like focus on key metrics. Organize and track crucial data with ease.
Add Any ASIN – Get continuous visibility into any product’s ranking, relevancy, index status and a number of other important metrics.
Last Search & R2A (UK) – Real Reverse ASIN and Last Search, the most robust and complete keyword discovery tool on the planet, are now fully functional in the UK market.
POWER 10 – Gain visibility into your competition’s relevancy percentage for any ASIN for up to TEN keywords
Learn – Immediately get customized tips to help you make the most of every powerful Seller.Tools feature – without even leaving the platform itself. Look out for the blue “Learn” tab within the app.
Last Launch 3D – A new option to launch over three days gives you the potential to magnify your launch impact.

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