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Our Rebate Automation is our most popular Amazon-integrated ManyChat flow – fully automate FBA ranking and order verification, and distribute Visa gift card rebates without any team member interaction!

This powerful flow leverages the Seller.Tools Wallet to fund and distribute gift cards in minutes. You’ll also build a valuable customer database with reliable contact information!






"Every once in a while you come across something that is truly game-changing.

Automation is the future for scaling a business, and Seller.Tools DFY Automation has helped me set up processes that would have taken me forever to figure out.

This will literally multiply the results in my business."

- Jonathan Jesper

The results from our DFY Automation Order are pouring in. The first product we ran it on was ranked #1 within days and has the Best Seller badge on Amazon for the highest volume keyword in the market!
So far, we've duplicated the flow on 4 other products, and all of them have hit the top spots as well, so we are 5 for 5 right now.
5 star reviews are pouring in relentlessly as well. One product has already gotten over 100 x 5 star reviews in just a couple weeks, and the others are well on their way.
It's been really fun and interesting taking the DFY flow that your team built and then seeing what else we can do with it. There are so many possibilities with ManyChat, and having the DFY setup as a base and then working from there has been the perfect solution for ranking and review capture.
- Jay Driscoll

If you don’t know where to get started on ManyChat or the learning curve is too difficult, DFY Automation is what you need.

It not only gave me ready-made flows, but it also gave me expert-level automation that I could leverage and learn from moving forward.

I’m testing a ton of different flows now and have learned so much. Excited to see the results we realize from this service!

- Shaad Rehman

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Seller.Tools API?
'API' is a term that stands for Application Programming Interface. In simplest terms, APIs allow applications to share information and communicate with each other. We go more in depth on what APIs are and how to utilize them in this article; click here to learn more!
Can I use Seller.Tools free ManyChat flows and/or Done-For-You Automation without a Seller.Tools account?
While you can import these flows into your ManyChat account without needing a Seller.Tools login per se, the aspects of the flow that are most innovative and powerful are the direct integrations with your Seller.Tools account.
Think about the Seller.Tools API as both a bridge and a filter: it connects your Seller Central account with all the other tools you use to run your business, and it filters through the powerful Seller.Tools features to make sure you're making the best decisions possible - automatically. Put these insights to work for you in automating some of the most important (and time-consuming) aspects of your business!
For that reason, DFY Automation is exclusively available to Seller.Tools customers. We'd strongly recommend utilizing the freely available flows with an account integration as well!
How do I get my users into my automated ManyChat flows?
You have a few options here. The most common way to get new customers is to build custom audiences on Facebook and serve ads to those users. Simply create a Messenger Ref URL that links users to your flow! Next, you'll create a Facebook Ad that includes your link, either in the native Facebook ad builder or directly in ManyChat. When users click on your ad, they'll be taken right into your flow.
Another way to get users into your flow is to utilize ManyChat's numerous growth tools. You can use these to engage with an audience that you've already captured through a link in an email, a widget on your website, comments on a Facebook post, and so many more.
Are the DFY flows only for one ASIN and one keyword?
Yes. With Done-For-You Automation, we fully configure a flow with promotion(s), optimized links, and/or copy and images for one product. [Note: Deliverables are based on the specific flow ordered. Refer to the product description for more details on product-specific features of each flow.]
You can, however, duplicate the delivered flows and modify the customized aspects with another ASIN and/or keyword for future use. You have complete access to these flows for unlimited future use.
If you're interested in a bulk DFY order for multiple ASINs/keywords or another more customized solution, please contact our team at [email protected].
How does the API get access to my Amazon buyers?
The API acts as a bridge between your Seller Central account, your Seller.Tools account insights, and your other platforms.
Since your Seller.Tools account is already connected with your Seller Central account from Amazon, the API opens the door to let account insights from Seller.Tools as well as your Amazon customers and order history impact and inform all of the other tools you use to run your business.
The API creates an opportunity for these sources of information to communicate with each other, ending the days of information silos across hundreds of platforms! Read more about the more technical aspects of API Integrations here.
The API isn't working for me at all. What should I try first?
Here are a few common errors that should fix most, if not all, of the issues you run into with the API.
Step 1: Ensure you have the correct Seller.Tools API key attached to the app you're trying to connect.
Some users connect an API key for the wrong marketplace (incorrect set of credentials), or they have accidentally added a space or incorrect character to their API key. Be sure to copy and paste this key directly from Seller.Tools!
Step 2: Use the Sandbox to test your API calls outside of ManyChat or Zapier.
This can really help you narrow down the problem, as you'll be able to see specific error codes. Here are a few common error codes:
400: Missing data!
401: Invalid credentials. Check to see if your API key is correct.
422: The given data was invalid.

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