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Tailor your launch to meet the exact needs of your business and products.

Coupon Deals

The most cost-effective and efficient way to rank for up to 3 keywords.

Sprint to competitive visibility and get your product in front of a huge audience in only a few clicks.

Rebate Deals

Does your product have the visibility to stand out in fierce marketplaces?

Dial in on your most competitive keywords with full-price purchases from established customers for sustainable visibility.

Select your product that you’d like to launch.

All you need is the ASIN you’d like to launch to get started!

Tailor your rebate launch to meet your exact needs.

Specify the number days your launch will run and how many rebates you’d like to give away each day.

After you set up your launch, you’re done!

Seller.Tools takes care of verifying your orders and processing the rebates to your customers after 7 days!

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Real Results

Post-Launch Rank Boost is Remarkable

Up to 3 Keywords

Capture insane value by launching to rank for up to 3 keywords in each and every Last Launch.

Boost Rank

Get an massive visibility boost for your top keywords in fiercely competitive markets within days of your launch.

Real Insights

Be in the know while your sales grow! See your Last Launch results in real time through your Seller.Tools dashboard. 

Perfect Pricing

Simple, straightforward, per-product pricing for rank domination

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Monthly Costs

The FAQs

Answering your biggest Last Launch questions

How many units/codes are recommended to giveaway?
Use the ‘Recommended Units’ available at the time of submission of your Last Launch (under the Units tab). We strongly advise against using any quantity that’s not recommended by Seller.Tools.


How long does a Last Launch run? It's my scheduled launch time but I don't see sales yet.
Each Last Launch will aim to be completed within 24 hours of the selected date/time to ensure the highest sales velocity in the shortest period of time. While every effort is to launch when a launch is scheduled, factors and considerations may dictate that the launch may run up to 24 hours after the selected date/time. Please keep this in mind when monitoring sales during and post-launch.

Where do I see the results of my Last Launch?
Last Launch analytics are available via the Last Launch dashboard in your account. You can expect to see full and complete launch results approximately 5 days after your scheduled launch time.

Can I cancel or reschedule a scheduled Last Launch?
Rescheduling or cancellations are considered by the Seller.Tools team prior to 48hrs of the scheduled launch time. While there is no guarantee of reschedule/cancellation we will make every effort to accommodate your order. Accordingly, the expectation is that orders are final and any alterations to orders can/will be the exception.

I have heard a lot about PAT. What is it and is it something I can leverage as part of my Last Launch?
PAT (Preferred Audience Targeting) is an exclusive feature of Last Launch. It ensures you’re launch targets high(er) quality Amazon customers. This has shown to have a greater effect on rank/placement. Through our testing we’ve found that this focus on quality over quantity gives Last Launch customers better, more reliable results.

Can I use this for a new listing?
Yes, we’ve seen positive results with new listings as long as they are effectively optimized and pass the ‘do they look like they belong’ test. Put yourself in your customers shoes. Does your product image, listing, reviews, etc. reflect that you belong as a top ranked product for that given keyword? If not, we’d advise against launching until your product listing is effectively optimized.

How much does it cost to run a launch?

Launches start at $50 for 50 distributed codes, then increase on a per-code basis. View our customized pricing structure here.

Rebate FAQs
What’s the process for running a Rebate Last Launch?
Schedule your Last Launch by finding Last Launch in the Seller.Tools navigation. Be sure to select a Rebate launch as one of the first steps. Once selected, the Last Launch flow within Seller.Tools will walk you through each required step like selecting your product, quantity of units that are rebate eligible and so on.
How much does a Rebate Last Launch cost?
Use the convenient price slider on the Last Launch page (here) to estimate the price of your Rebate Last Launch.
How soon does a customer receive their rebate for a purchase during my launch?
A customer is eligible to receive a rebate 7 days after they’ve ordered the product.
How many days can I set up my rebate launch for? Is there a minimum per day?
You can set up a Rebate Last Launch for up to 20 days. A minimum of 5 rebates/units a day is required.
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How do I generate single use coupons on Amazon?

Follow our full walk-thru video here.


What can I do to ensure a successful launch? Do you guarantee results?

To ensure a successful launch be sure to utilize every resource made available before and during launch set up. This includes the Last Launch FAQ’s, Seller.Tools Academy and a thorough review of the submission form. Each resource is intended not only to mitigate any issues but help to make your Last Launch as effective as possible. Keep in mind that you launch at your own risk and results are not guaranteed. 


Would you be able to tell me what keywords to rank for?

Selecting keywords is ultimately a business decision and we will not provide guidance for this step. We understand other launch providers have provided this guidance at an additional cost and have decided not to provide this as a service at this time. However, we encourage taking full advantage of our Facebook community FBA Kings where 7 & 8-figure sellers are actively discussing the most up to date strategies and insights. It’s a great forum for immense value and potential guidance with Last Launch, keyword selection and a variety of other important subjects.


How can I make sure my launch results ‘stick’?

We advise considering strategies such as lowering your price and increasing your PPC spend immediately following your launch. It’s important to maintain a high level of sales velocity (alongside well-optimized listing) to ensure your launch is as effective as possible and can maintain rank over time.


Who handles customer support for customers taking part in a Last Launch?

It is your responsibility as the brand to provide customer support to customers during the launch process. When questions arise such as the validity of provided coupon codes we recommend first ensuring that codes are active prior to providing exceptional, prompt support. In rare cases there may be attempts at manipulating the process to take advantage of using multiple coupons for a single deal. We recommend using your best judgement and carrying through your standard support protocols in such cases.


I don’t see my question answered here. Who do I contact?

Our support is happy to help with your Last Launch related questions. Contact them by using the “Help” button in your Seller.Tools dashboard. Keep in mind they will not be able to make business-related decisions for you or guide you beyond assistance with the completion of your Last Launch.

Last Launch with PAT

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