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The most cost-effective and efficient way to rank for up to 3 keywords. Sprint to competitive visibility and get your product in front of a huge audience in only a few clicks.

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Does your product have the visibility to stand out in fierce marketplaces? Dial in on your most competitive keywords with full-price purchases from established customers for sustainable visibility.

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Thank you Last Launch! Having burned through dollars and time trying to figure out Facebook for my launches, I now leave it to the Seller.Tools geniuses!
Shaad Rehman
Last Launches have given our products huge boosts in keyword rankings that would have taken much longer to achieve on our own. We look forward to incorporating this tool on many of our future product launches!
Garret Akerson
Up to 3 Keywords

Capture insane value by launching to rank for up to 3 keywords in each and every Last Launch.

Boost Rank

Get an massive visibility boost for your top keywords in fiercely competitive markets within days of your launch.

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Be in the know while your sales grow! See your Last Launch results in real time through your Seller.Tools dashboard.

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Simple, straightforward, per-product pricing for rank domination.
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