Seller.Tools bridges the gap between Amazon Seller Central and ManyChat.
ManyChat Flow Gallery
Easily download and customize these flows of top 1% Amazon sellers to save hours of work and get back to prioritizing the exact needs of your business.
Product Warranty Registration + Automated Review Request
Free Gift Flow: Product Insert Offer + Automated Review Request
Venmo Rebate Automation
PayPal Rebate Automation
Pick Reward Link Rebate Automation
Gift Card Distribution Automation
PayPal Rebate Distribution + Order Verification
Auto Keyword Targeting
Coupon Code Distribution
Email Replacement: Simple Offer + Review Request
Promotion Counter: Limit Number of Promotions
Automated Review Capture
Wheel of Fortune: Gamified Giveaway
Create MCF Replacement Order
Check Order Status
URL Rotator
Auto SFB
We provide these flows as a FREE RESOURCE to help you get started with the Seller.Tools API. Any additional customizations to the structure of these free flows will require paid support.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Seller.Tools API?
Can I use Seller.Tools free ManyChat flows and/or Done-For-You Automation without a Seller.Tools account?
How do I get my users into my automated ManyChat flows?
How does the API get access to my Amazon buyers?
The API isnt working for me at all. What should I try first?