Massive ManyChat Changes Impacting Amazon Sellers

Whew! The dust has finally settled from the ManyChat Conversations 2019 conference.

SO many major updates and features directly impacting Amazon sellers.
I wanted to make sure you had one place to catch up and make the most of the evolution of the preeminent Facebook messenger platform.
I’m starting with a few of my absolute favorites that should be a priority in your ManyChat efforts.

SMS and Email Integrations

Mobile should constantly(!) be your focus as a marketer and brand owner. With that in mind this addition is HUGE. Ah, rich multi-channel integrated customer experiences.
Connecting with customers has never been easier. Now you can take your insane open and click-thru rates on ManyChat and expand your reach and ease of communication all the while building your e-mail list.

SMS Best Practices

Sending SMS through ManyChat

Email Feature

Email Marketing Best Practices

How to Set Up Email Right in ManyChat

ActiveCampaign Integration

Taking email integration to another level is the inclusion of the ActiveCampaign integration. As an email solution aimed towards automation and segmentation it opens up a whole world of possibilities and potential for the savvy marketer.

ManyChat Mobile App

For you and any member of your team to stay connected with customers anywhere in the world is a reality that cannot be understated. With an easy to use, intuitive app you can make the most of your communication, engagement and sales potential.

Shopify Abandoned Cart Integration?

Shopify has become the not so gentle giant and a massive resource for FBA sellers substantiating their off-Amazon efforts.

Paid Message Broadcasting

Boasting only 3 settings you can send sponsored messages in real-time using ManyChat data for custom audiences. With the constant Facebook messenger changes a simple way to message and broadcast (yes, still paid) is a welcome addition.

PayPal Integration

Integrating PayPal was an obvious and welcomed addition to ManyChat and should help monetize a number of solutions and offerings in real-time with one of the most popular payment providers.

Tags & CUFs Dependency Double-Check

The anxiety behind removing tags or custom fields has been almost completely removed. With this dependency you’ll be prompted with flows tags and custom fields are currently being utilized within and that you are 100% sure you want to delete them.

Better Flow Builder

From its more humble beginnings, the flow builder within ManyChat continues to see advancements and further evolution into an intuitive UI & UX. Expect to see even more improvements in October 2019 (more changes to come!).

Dashboard 1.1

Dashboard improvements are meant to pull out some of your most important metrics and insights. With 1.1, ManyChat is offering that desirable glimpse into account performance and opportunities.

Date/Time and Number Formatting

Customize your date/time formatting with ease. This applies to BOTH date and numbers for ease of setting up (and then forgetting) about formatting. A seemingly simple update should make you and your users happier.

All Posts Growth Tool

Your comments Growth Tool on steroids. Use a Growth Tool for all your posts and dial in settings (ex: keywords) to customize both user experience and achieve objective(s) across a wide variety of posts.

Google Sheets: Update Existing Rows

Adding rows to a Google Sheet before was no problem. But now, you can dynamically update existing rows. This is huge for rebates, promotion tracking, and customer relationship management within ManyChat.

Condition Improvements

There’s nothing wrong with improvements alongside major updates release. For Conditions, this includes:
    • Case-sensitive checkbox. Now you can interpret upper and lowercase letters as being the same or leave a condition case sensitive – very helpful for sensitive API calls!
    • “Current time” System Field. This new System Field will help you set up working hours of your business or information like happy hours or different automation logic depending on their current time
    • Search Custom and System Fields. No endless scroll anymore – just use the newly added search form and find Fields by name
    • Draggable condition blocks. Simply drag and drop condition blocks in the sidebar to change their order

LiveChat: Send Flow To User

More LiveChat settings were added, including creating snippets and sharing flows with users/clients.

A major takeaway from the Keynote from ManyChat CEO Mikael Yang is the focus on truly integrating chat marketing. Seamlessly connecting and engaging with customers through robust solutions (made simple) and allowing for a tailored communication experience.

Time will tell how these major feature additions and updates will play in the larger chat marketing evolution of which ManyChat plays such a massive part.

Aaron O'Sullivan

Troy Johnston   Co-founder, Seller.Tools

Troy Johnston is the Co-founder of Seller.Tools, a robust suite of optimization tools leveraging actual Amazon data. He sold one of his flagship brands for multiple 7 figures and quickly moved to consulting for 8 & 9 figure clients on Amazon.

Troy is obsessed with creating data-driven solutions for Seller.Tools clients by empowering sellers with the best data alongside exclusive features. You can find Troy and an amazing community of FBA sellers through the Facebook community FBA Kings.

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