Pick Reward Link Marketing Kit

So – you’re leveling up your rebate process by giving 100+ gift card options to your customers with Seller.Tools Pick Reward Link.


Wondering how to market this powerful capability to your customers? We have you covered.

In this Marketing Kit, we’ll give you everything you need to successfully inform, educate, and bring in new customers with more rebate options than ever.

Before we jump in, we’ll be covering how you can shift your marketing in three specific areas:

    • Ad Copy
    • Flow Copy
    • Images

By modifying these three areas following the guidelines below, you’ll be set up for success to provide this awesome service to your customers.

Modify Your Ad Copy

For Amazon sellers, one of the most important markers of a successful Facebook Ad is one that is CLEAR and sets good expectations with your potential customer.

By setting clear direction up before your customer even clicks on your ad, you’ll get your customers excited about choosing their rebate, all while minimizing support requests!

Here’s some swipe copy that you can include in your ad copy to get your users into your flow with clear expectations about what they will receive:

Option 1:

After your order ships, we will email you a direct link to choose your rebate from 100+ popular gift card options!

Option 2:

CHOOSE YOUR REBATE: You’ll receive an email from us to pick your own gift card rebate – over 100 popular options available!

Keep this in mind: rebate choice will SET YOU APART on Facebook. For customers who are used to seeing ads for free or discounted Amazon items, NO ONE is giving them the power to choose how they want to receive their rebates.

Take advantage of this and play up this awesome competitive advantage!

Modify Your Flow Copy

In a similar way, emphasizing CLARITY in your flow copy is crucial to creating a positive experience for your customers. 

In our flow, we have added this clarifying copy, but if you are adding this functionality to your existing rebate flows, be sure to include the following language early in your flow:

After your order ships, we will email you a direct link to choose your rebate from 100+ popular gift card options!

It would also be helpful to add a message AFTER your customer has received their gift card offering clarification if it’s needed. Here’s an example:

Did you know that you can choose from over 100 different gift card options to redeem your rebate? 

All you need to do is click the link that we emailed to you, and you’ll be able to go shopping for gift cards with your current balance from your purchase.

Need support? Click below and someone on our team will reach out to assist you.


You can copy and paste this message into your flow by downloading this flow below:


  1. Download the flow above to your ManyChat account
  2. Select the flow pieces (Shift+Click and drag over flow) then, using keyboard shortcuts (use ‘command (⌘) + c’ / CTRL + c’ to copy and ‘command (⌘) + v’ / CTRL + v’ to paste steps), copy and paste into your existing flow
  3. Connect your existing flow with these new messages and action steps

Add Images and Badges to Your Flow and Ad


Download these graphics and add them to your flow or to your ad image(s) to SHOW your customers that they can choose their rebate.


Click below to download ALL assets!

Overall Graphic:



Add this GIF to your flow to show your customers that they can choose their own rebate from 100+ options.


Ad Image Badges:

Add these images to your existing product images to create an easily recognizable badge, showing your customers that they can choose their own rebate from 100+ options.

Canva is an easy resource to add these to your existing images in seconds!

Your customers are going to love their new rebate options.


Ready to get started? Click below to download our FREE Ranking + GC Rebate flow, now emboldened with Rebate Choice!

Aaron O'Sullivan

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Cydney guides digital communication at Seller.Tools, and loves empowering Amazon sellers to crush their goals by building innovative growth-hacking strategies.

She has an educational background in marketing and nonprofit management, and has enjoyed working in digital marketing and impact communication within multiple industries. Cydney is thrilled about the endless opportunities within e-commerce and the chance to be a pioneer in an ever-changing industry!

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