Automate Rebate Distribution with ManyChat + Seller.Tools

Everything you need to know to start automating your rebate process in minutes, all in one place.

Does your business run on autopilot?
Well, it may not be realistic for your business to 100% run itself. After all, your talent is crucial when it comes to making strategic decisions.
But now more than never, there’s no excuse to be spending your precious time and resources on repetitive processes with predictable outcomes.
One of the biggest time-sucks we’ve seen sellers spending thousands of hours trying to get right? Rebate distribution.
Working with clunky Google Sheets and dealing with PayPal mass payments (and mass fees!) doesn’t sound like any fun at all.
But we’re changing the rebate game. Now, with Seller.Tools, the ranking + rebate process is now 100% automated. Completely offloaded, with zero room for human error or delay.

Here’s how it works: When you run promotions in ManyChat, you can now automatically create and distribute a Visa gift card rebate right to your customer’s email address.


With the Seller.Tools Wallet, you’ll be able to keep a balance in your account to automatically debit each time you distribute a rebate.


We’ll even let you know the second you’re below any specified balance so your flows won’t skip a beat. Pretty cool, right?

Before you start, don’t miss these 3 important steps to get this up and running as quickly as possible.


1. Watch this overview video for a full understanding of rebate automation strategy:

2. Download this FREE flow to your ManyChat account:
3. Take a deeper dive into each step in the setup process in these videos:

1. Add Funds to Your Seller.Tools Wallet

2. Integrate your Seller.Tools Account with ManyChat

3. Get the Sale

4. Automatically Verify Orders in Real Time

5. Obtain and Confirm Customer's Email

6. Configure Automated Rebates

7. Ensure Abuse Protection Is Configured

If you have previously downloaded the flow, be sure to implement this step. If you’re downloading for the first time, this is already set up in your flow to prevent users from redeeming the same Order ID more than once!

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Answering your questions about Rebate Automation

Do I need to pre-purchase gift cards before I begin automating rebate distribution?

No – this is the beauty of automated rebates! We take care of the full process of creation and distribution of gift cards. We create these using the balance in your Seller.Tools Wallet, and you are fully protected as a seller as you don’t have to purchase Amazon gift cards and distribute directly to your customers, or worry about PayPal fees or policy violations.

Can I give rebates for less than 100% of the purchase price?
Yes, the value of your gift card is completely customizable. All you need to do is edit the body of your ‘Get Gift Card’ external request in your ManyChat flow.
We aim to automate as much of this process as possible by pulling in price information for the product from the Order ID, but you can input any amount here to customize your rebates.
Can I buy Visa gift cards with different values to match the purchase price of different ASINs?
Yes. Using the flow we created that you can download on our Rebate Automation page for free, we use the API to pull the price paid from their Order ID and create a gift card for the exact amount. You can choose from a few different ways this is calculated to include or exclude any of the following:
  • item price
  • tax
  • shipping (if applicable)
  • promotion amounts (if applicable)
Can I create Visa Gift Cards for customers in countries outside the US?
Yes, you can use this for customers in other countries. However, at this time we are only creating Visa gift cards in USD. However, we also offer the ability to create Amazon gift cards which can easily be used worldwide.

Can I cancel a gift card that's been sent/delivered?
There is a $25 fee associated with cancelling a gift card. We’d recommend contacting our support via the ‘Help’ button on bottom right of your screen and providing the original email the gift card was delivered to and the new email you’d like to have it sent to still utilize funds.
Keep in mind this does NOT cancel the gift card sent to the original email, but just creates another email with the same gift card and funds available to each recipient.
What if there is an issue with a gift card I've sent? Is there support for this?
Yes, you can direct customers to gift card support by having them call 1-877-558-2646. Be sure to recommend that they have their Order ID ready. This starts with an ‘RA’ (ex: RA191211-391799-04-2) and is found at the very bottom of the email they’ve received with the gift card.

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