Rebate Automation
Automate Rebate Distribution with ManyChat + Seller.Tools

We’re changing the rebate game.

With Seller.Tools, the ranking + rebate process is 100% automated. Completely offloaded, with zero room for human error or delay.

Download this powerful FREE flow to your ManyChat account, then follow the simple instructions below to get started in minutes!

Global Rebate Automation
Choose your marketplace and gift card option and download this expertly optimized template right to your ManyChat account!

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to pre-purchase gift cards before I begin automating rebate distribution?
Can I give rebates for less than 100% of the purchase price?
Can I buy Visa gift cards with different values to match the purchase price of different ASINs?
Can I create Visa Gift Cards for customers in countries outside the US?
Can I change the sender details for the rebate emails my customer will receive?

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