STEP-BY-STEP: How To Limit Number of Promotions in ManyChat

Do you ever catch yourself wanting to accomplish something on ManyChat but unable to find the specific setting on the platform to control it?
ManyChat is an incredibly advanced platform, but you have to use a little creativity to really make it work in amazing ways. There aren’t always quick and easy settings built out to accomplish your goals.
However, ManyChat offers an insane level of customization. Once you understand both Custom Fields and Action Steps, you’ll unlock a whole new world that will help you build out the automation system of your dreams.

Using a Counter on ManyChat

In this post, I’ll walk through how you can build your own custom counter on ManyChat to limit the number of times users are sent through your flows in any given time period (or at all!)


Why might you want to do this?


A counter will enable you to completely customize your promotions, giveaways, and rebate offerings, and dial in on the exact number of promotions you want to give away each day or week.

Think of this as transforming your ManyChat promotions into custom launches that will drip your promotions over time, versus turning on a fire hose. This will help you control your deeply discounted sales volume, and will ensure your resulting ranking sticks better!


Custom Fields 101: Bot Fields vs. User Fields

Custom fields are some of the most powerful tools on ManyChat. They allow you to capture information from your users and store it right in ManyChat, and easily access and utilize it across all of your flows.
Think: Order IDs for follow-up requests, previous purchase history, email addresses, and anything else you’d collect from your users!
User Custom Fields are unique to each user, and are only accessible when that user is going through a flow.
Now let’s take it a step further. Bot fields are snippets of information that are accessible across your entire account – and this is more powerful than you could imagine.
To create a new User or Bot Custom Field, simply navigate to your ‘Settings’ page in ManyChat and click ‘Custom Fields’ up at the top. User Custom Fields will be located at the top of the page, and Bot Fields will be located at the bottom.

To create a counter on ManyChat, we’re going to create a Custom Bot Field. Name it whatever you’d like, but just create a new bot field and set the number to whatever you’d like.


Create a Counter Flow

We’ve put together a flow that you can add to your account to manage your counter! This flow resets your bot field after a certain amount of time. You can customize the number of promotions you give out simply by changing the number that you reset the custom bot field to!
Download our sample counter flow here!

Customize with your own bot field, length of time to reset, date that you’d like the counter to end (by editing the condition step), and number of promotions you want to share (number that the custom bot field is set to).

Important: You’ll need to activate this flow using a Messenger Ref URL after you customize with your own fields! You’re essentially sending yourself into the flow to initiate the process of updating the custom bot field each day, week, or any time frame you choose. You only need to do this once per flow!

Note: If you do not specify an end date in the condition step, your custom field will reset indefinitely. The only way to stop it from resetting is to unsubscribe the user who initiated the flow from your bot, so it’s a good idea to set an end date just for ease of use!


Adding the Counter to Your Promotions

To make this functional in your promotional flows, simply add a condition as the first step of any flow and add an action step to decrease the counter by 1 each time you distribute a coupon code, capture an email address for a rebate, and other similar actions.


Check out this sample that you can copy and paste into any of your flows!

Rinse and repeat

That’s it! Your counter will run on its own and will reset as often as you’d like. You can control the exact number of users receiving your promotions without having to turn Facebook Ads on or off.
You can create different counters for different products and promotions across your brand! Simply repeat these steps:


1. Create a new bot field with a different name

2. Duplicate the counter flow and switch out custom bot field for the new field you created

3. Activate your counter flow with a Messenger Ref URL

4. Change the condition/decrease action in your promotional flow


Have any further questions? Check out our live video on this topic for more information and a few other tips!
What are some other ways you could use a counter in ManyChat? Join the conversation in FBA Kings!
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