Seller.Tools now offers full integration with over a thousand other web apps through Zapier! The powerful insights from your Seller.Tools account are now effectively unlocked to inform and automatically integrate with nearly every other web app that you already use to run your business.

With Zapier integrations, your entire team will stay effortlessly tapped in to the most important changes and updates directly from Amazon.

Now this is automation.

Quick Start Templates
Your Seller.Tools data is unbelievably powerful when it’s seamlessly integrated with other apps that inform your business decisions daily. The possibilities are endless – these templates barely scratch the surface!
Promotions through Clickfunnels
Configuring Trigger a Zap Events
Creating MCF Orders
Automating your Customer Support

Landing Page Promotion Automation

Automating your promotions with a Seller.Tools integration has never been easier! Now, you can set up a zap to send a coupon code through ManyChat or email when one of your customers fills out a form on a landing page (ClickFunnels, Unbounce, etc.).

Think: product insert with BOGO offer → custom landing page for your brand → simple contact form → DONE!

Expert sellers have spent thousands on custom coding in the past to create this exact process that you can now configure in minutes. Now THIS is innovation!

Review Acquisition

Run promotions and acquire reviews using our expert-level flows, then funnel users into different options based on how satisfied they were with their experience!

This is fully customizable – you have full control over the messaging that your customers receive based on the experience they had with your product.

If a user leaves a review below a certain threshold, immediately get a notification in any app with a direct link to follow up with that customer. When you integrate your Seller.Tools data, you can easily pull in their order information, suggest new products they may be interested in, and encourage them to explore your brand further on Amazon!

MCF Orders

Creating and fulfilling an MCF order has never been easier! With Typeform, Google Forms, or any other contact form (Clickfunnels, WordPress, Email) you can fully automate the process of creating and sending MCF orders.

Make sure you have all of the data parameters for your user that Amazon requires to fulfill these orders. Once you set up this process, you’ll save hours of work!

Tip: Avoid users abusing your form to create multiple orders by making sure you limit respondents to one response in the form settings.

Customer Service Automation

Automate Customer Service monitoring and follow-up from ManyChat with a Seller.Tools integration with Slack, Email, Zendesk, or any other CS platform!

Now, your CS team can focus on monitoring only one channel, and still get up-to-the-minute details on your users.

Pro Tip: Integration with Seller.Tools allows you to pull your customers’ order information, history, and preferred contact info directly into your CS platform!

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