Your solution for visibility

A full suite of tools leveraging Amazon data to take your business to new heights

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Your solution
for visibility

A full suite of tools leveraging Amazon data to take your business to new heights

Start 14-day free trial[no CC required]

The Features

Solve each pain point in your Amazon business by using the tools of top 1% sellers.

Keyword Manager

Easily manage thousands of keywords within an intuitive interface. Our keyword manager unlocks hidden gem keywords and displays powerful insights – all in one place.

Professional PPC Automation

This is the last tool you’ll ever need to manage your Amazon advertising account.
Streamline your advertising spend, automate your keyword bidding, and maximize your valuable time when you start leveraging the power of PPCS.

Product Research

With Prizm, leverage the power of the most accurate, laser-focused, and up-to-date data direct from Amazon to discover your next product gold mine.


Expert-Level API Integration

Set up your business to fully run on its own while crushing the most important factors to dominate on Amazon with API Integrations from Seller.Tools.


*Exclusive Seller.Tools Feature!

Instantly check the review eligibility of any ASIN – one of the most important visibility metrics for FBA sellers. This is a hugely powerful tool in informing the most important decisions across your business!


See changes in real time with Alerts. A customized surveillance system, right in your Seller.Tools dashboard.

Avoid profit-draining mistakes and oversights by never missing changes for:

– ReviewAble status
– Adult Product Attribution
– Listing Attribute Changes
– Presence of Hijackers
– Buy Box Status

…and more!

Listing Manager

Craft the perfect, expert-level optimized listing in no time at all. Remove the ambiguity and place your most relevant, highest-volume keywords selectively throughout your listing with absolute certainty.


Leverage the power of live traffic to organize and sort the most revenue-gushing, highest potential keywords in just a few clicks.

With TSI+, you have the ultimate tool to dial in on your most powerful and highestpotential keywords.

World Class Support

We are here to support you and your business. Our knowledgeable team will work closely with you to make most of your access to Seller.Tools.

Superior Data & Insights

Leverage the best data in your business. The most insightful and valuable Amazon data available anywhere in the world.

Secure & Safe

Trust in the security of your data. We go to great lengths to make sure your data remains safe, secure and private.

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Start utilizing the only tools using Amazon data to take your business to new heights.

Our Pricing

Plans that grow with your business.

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Our Satisfied Customers

Seller.Tools has become a foundational tool for our company. We love that we can now rely on just one tool for keyword data and the accuracy is unparalleled.

Alex Upperman  Co-Founder, Zhou Nutrition
Alex Upperman

Seller.Tools keeps me ahead of the game by continuously extracting the top keywords and optimizing my listing to its fullest potential.

Hannae Kim 
Hannae Kim

Seller.Tools is an incredibly powerful tool that drives my workflow.

Kevin Pasco  CMO, Nested Naturals
Kevin Pasco

We selected Seller.Tools and we are even helping our clients get on board because we see how having accurate data and stopping the guessing game can help an Amazon business.

Steve Patenaud  Owner, Palacomm
Steve Patenaud

Now Seller.Tools is a MUST-HAVE for my team when it comes to building brand new listings and on-going keyword optimization.

Tom Wang  Co-founder, EcomHub.com
Tom Wang

Every tool I need to maximize my brand presence on Amazon is finally all in one place!

Luke Wechselberger  YouTube @ Luke W
Luke Wechselberger

The most crucial tool for an Amazon seller in today's competitive landscape - a must have!

We just had our first coaching session with Gina, and we were blown away! Seller.Tools gives you so much power, it can even be a little intimidating. Where to start, and what to do next? The customer success team gave concise, actionable feedback and put our team at ease. We came away with a clear action plan to execute on. I highly recommend both the Seller.Tools platform and their coaching services.

Kevin Rizer  Private Label Movement, Founder
Kevin Rizer

Seller.Tools is hands down, the best keyword research tool out there. Better than Helium 10, in my opinion - it's got several extremely accurate, constantly-updated data points that you can't beat.

Even though Amazon itself is always changing, I love that Seller.Tools is always innovating 3 steps ahead of anyone else. They're flexible and prepared to meet any challenge Amazon throws our way.

Steven Hou


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Currently available in these North American
& European Locations:

  • USA
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Start your free trial now!

Start utilizing the only tools using Amazon data to take your business to new heights.

The FAQs

Find answers to your questions below.

Is it true you use actual Amazon data?
Yes! It allows our customers to fully trust the data driving the decisions in their business.
Is there a limit to the number of products I can manage in my account?
No. You can manage as many products as needed with no limits within your Seller.Tools account.
Is my data safe and secure when I complete an MWS integration?
Seller.Tools goes above and beyond to ensure the utmost care in handling customer data. Our servers are secure and we do not share customer data with third party companies.
Can I upgrade my account anytime?
You can upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel your monthly account at any time with no obligation. For cancellations, billing will wrap up at the end of the billing cycle.
Do I need a credit card to get access to a free trial?
No, payment information is not required to enjoy your free trial – complete with all features of Seller.Tools!

Seller.Tools is the Amazon optimization platform created by the top 1% of Amazon sellers. Leverage actual Amazon data for unmatched insights to take your business to new heights.

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