The Features

Solve each pain point in your Amazon business by using the tools of top 1% sellers


Keyword Manager

Easily manage thousands of keywords in an intuitive interface. Our keyword manager unlocks hidden gem keywords and displays powerful insights all in one place.

Amazon Traffic Updated Daily

It’s one thing to leverage the best data. It’s another to have it updated daily. Never fall behind on insights as they occur and reflect the changing landscape.


Real Relevancy %

Before spending a penny on PPC you should know how relevant your listing is to a keyword. With Relevancy % you can quantify your relevancy performance and prioritize your next steps.

Automatic Keyword Harvesting

Gone are the days spending hours upon hours to curate impactful keywords. With Automatic Keyword Harvesting you instantly get notified of valuable keywords right in your dashboard with no additional work needed. Better data delivered to you automatically.

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Listing Manager

Craft the perfect, expert-level optimized listing in no time at all. Remove the ambiguity and place with absolute certainty your most relevant, highest-volume keywords selectively throughout your listing.

Competitor Builder

Tap into the goldmine that is your competitors data. Through exclusive Seller.Tools features you’ll put to use what your competitors have spent countless hours gathering and curating.

AMZ Report Card

Ever wonder how Amazon would ‘describe’ a product listing in keywords? You can find out just that with Seller.Tools AMZ Report Card feature. We like to refer to it a superior Reverse ASIN. Try it and find out for yourself.


Amazon Source Data

We pride ourselves on using the ultimate source of data for your Amazon business. For us, it’s the best or nothing. Our clients can trust the data driving their decisions.