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Product Manager

Take the guesswork out of keyword research with this powerful tool.
Expert-level keyword research in minutes.

  • Competition Research

    Competition research can happen in two ways: either by entering the product name (keyword or phrase), or by entering the ASIN number. When searching for the competition, the user will see the important stats/data that will help him determine if a certain product could be competition for this product or not.

  • Keyword Manager

    Keywords from competitors’ products will automatically be imported into the keywords list and Seller.Tools will calculate and suggest the list of the most important keywords the user should focus on. Keywords will be sorted from very high to low priority (respectively: very high-high-medium-low priority).

  • Listing Manager

    User will have help in form of keywords/phrases list that they previously defined as important (very high, high or medium importance – low importance keywords will not appear here) so they can create the best/most accurate product listing. Product listing will automatically be connected to user’s Amazon Seller’s central account and published there.

Chrome Extension

Your all-in-one toolbox for Amazon success. Check sales, request reviews, and more, FREE with a Seller.Tools subscription. Use the ticker to access information without leaving Amazon, such as Total Amazon Traffic, your daily sales data, or you can even send payments and gift cards directly from Amazon or any other website.

Our powerful features include:
  • Listing Quality Score

    The most powerful listing analyzer gives you immediate insights into missed sales and realizing a product listing’s potential.

  • Exclusive Metrics (Total Amazon Traffic)

    See Total Amazon Traffic to know Amazon sales trends. Tap into Brand Analytics, Unit Sales (Sales by Keyword), Search Volume, and other data for the real insights used by top brands.

  • Reviews

    Request reviews from customers in Seller Central in just a few clicks – all ToS compliant! Review downloader lets you immediately filter down and pull insights from real customer feedback from any ASIN on Amazon.

  • Ticker

    Access all your favorite tools and data for any brand in the Chrome Extension Ticker. From creating MCF orders, using your Seller.Tools wallet, or even adding customers to your Deny List.

  • Keyword Expander

    Automatically expand valuable keyword suggestions direct from Amazon. Unlike what you may have experienced before, the Seller.Tools Chrome Extension gives you suggestions before and after your keyword search, giving you more keyword ideas and revenue-generating potential.

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Competition Research

Competition research can happen in two ways: either by entering the product name (keyword or phrase), or by entering the ASIN number. When searching for the competition, the user will see the important stats/data that will help them determine if certain product could be competition for their product or not.

With creating the list of competitors, the user will have all the relevant competitors for their product at one place, so they can track and compare the data, in order to manage their own product as best as possible. Competitors list has a big role in the next step (Keyword Manager), since all the keywords from all the competitors will be imported into the user’s keyword list.


Manage your customers list and select the winning launch type.

  • Last Launch

    Fully automated launch solution. Simply specify the number days your launch will run and how many giveaway offers you’d like to give away each day.

  • Review Request

    Set it and forget it Amazon review solution. Simply turn on Review Request for Terms of Service complaint emails to be sent to all eligible customers.

  • PPCS

    In a few clicks, you can level up your Amazon PPC. PPCs allow you to know exactly what steps to take to beat your competition and make your PPC worthwhile.


In one place, the Seller.Tools Wallet allows you to add, manage, and send funds to customers.

Have a promotion, loyalty, or giveaway offer campaign running? We’ve got you covered. What’s better? You can automate sending funds to the right customer, right when you want to.

PayPal, Venmo, Amazon Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards, and even our exclusive Pick Reward Link. Let your customers choose from 100+ different retailers for the gift card of their choice. Including Target, Starbucks, and more!


See changes in real time with Alerts, a customized surveillance system right in your Seller.Tools dashboard.

Avoid profit-draining mistakes and oversights by never missing changes for: Reviewable Status, Color Variations, Title Changes, Weight Changes, BSR for ASIN, Adult Product Attribution, Presence of Hijackers, Buy Box Status, Price, …and more!

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