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Solve each pain point in your Amazon business by using the tools of top 1% sellers


Keyword Manager

Easily manage thousands of keywords within an intuitive interface. Our keyword manager unlocks hidden gem keywords and displays powerful insights – all in one place.



Leverage the power of live traffic to prioritize the highest-traffic keywords. Combined with Pulse, you have the ultimate tools to dial in on your most powerful and highest-potential keywords.


Never fall behind on potential traffic for any tracked keywords with Pulse. Prioritize red and yellow keywords to correct your index and relevancy issues and maximize your visibility.


Amazon Search Volume Traffic Data

Never fall behind on insights as they occur and reflect the changing landscape with the most up-to-date Amazon search volume data. Seller.Tools is the only platform with the most accurate historical Amazon traffic data. 


Amazon Source Data

We pride ourselves on using the ultimate source of data for your Amazon business. For us, it’s the best or nothing. Our clients can trust the data driving their decisions.


AMZ Report Card

Ever wonder how Amazon would ‘describe’ a product listing in keywords? You can find out just that with Seller.Tools AMZ Report Card feature. We like to refer to it a superior Reverse ASIN. Try it and find out for yourself.

Automatic Keyword Harvesting

The idea of having keywords, a crucial piece of your business, automatically harvested rightfully seems like pie in the sky. Not anymore. Another exclusive Seller.Tools feature, automatic keyword harvesting will continuously bring you ultra-relevant keywords, right to your dashboard.


Listing Manager

Craft the perfect, expert-level optimized listing in no time at all. Remove the ambiguity and place your most relevant, highest-volume keywords selectively throughout your listing with absolute certainty.


Competitor Builder

Your competitors’ data is a gold mine – tap into it! Through exclusive Seller.Tools features, you’ll put to use what your competitors have spent countless hours gathering and curating.


Real Reverse ASIN leverages flawless and dialed-in logic to capture the most relevant terms your competitors are ranking for. With additional features Cascade and Amplify, you can completely customize the data you pluck directly from what’s working for your competitors.

Last Search

Tap into billions of keywords with the most robust and complete keyword discovery tool on the planet. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding revenue-gushing keywords.



No longer are you spending hours monitoring your listings and poring over details, looking for mistakes and changes. See changes in real time with Alerts.
Avoid profit-draining mistakes and oversights by never missing changes for:
Presence of Hijackers
Buy Box Status
ReviewAble status
Adult Product Attribution
Color Variations
A customized surveillance system, right in your Seller.Tools dashboard.

Seller.Tools is the Amazon optimization platform created by the top 1% of Amazon sellers. Leverage actual Amazon data for unmatched insights to take your business to new heights.

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