The Features
Solve each pain point in your Amazon business by using the tools of top 1% sellers

Keyword Wizard
Take the guesswork out of keyword research with this powerful tool. Expert-level keyword research in minutes.
AMZ Report Card

Prioritizing the right keywords has never been easier.


Discover top-performers in your space and capture thousands of your competitors' keywords in seconds with AMZ Report Card from Seller.Tools!


Real Reverse ASIN leverages dialed-in logic to utilize Amazon-driven keyword descriptions of your listings.Capture the most relevant terms your competitors are ranking for and get a fully custom experience with additional features Cascade and Amplify.

Last Search

Get exclusive impression data and quickly evaluate opportunities on related competitor keywords with Last Search.


Discover thousands of related, underutilized keywords and add them to your listing in minutes.


Expert-Level Integration
Set up your business to fully run on its own while crushing the most important factors to dominate on Amazon with API Integrations from Seller.Tools.
Save countless hours of manual work
Get access to the exact tools of the top 1% (of the top 1%) of sellers on Amazon
Refocus your valuable time and energy on high-impact endeavors that will actually skyrocket your business’s growth
Maximize your sales by fully automating ranking and review acquisition, the two most important visibility metrics on Amazon

Keyword Manager
Easily manage tens of thousands of keywords within one powerful, intuitive interface. Our keyword manager instantly unlocks hidden gem keywords and displays the insights you need - all in one place.
Search Volume

We’ve leveraged Brand Analytics and the absolute most accurate Amazon data to give you exclusive access to real keyword Search Volume, right in your daily workflow.


Leverage the power of live traffic to prioritize the highest-traffic keywords. You have the ultimate tools to dial in on your most powerful and highest potential keywords.

PPC Management
Finally - a suite of professional PPC management tools with flat-rate pricing. Trusted by 8-figure earners. Right in your Seller.Tools account.

This is the last tool you’ll ever need to manage your Amazon advertising account. Streamline your advertising spend, automate your keyword bidding, and maximize your valuable time when you start leveraging the power of PPCS.

Listing Manager

Craft the perfect, expert-level optimized listing in no time at all. Remove ambiguity and place your most relevant, highest-volume keywords selectively throughout your listing with absolute certainty.

Utilize the most powerful Amazon data to prioritize keywords and optimize your listing like the top 1%. Keywords are the puzzle pieces of visibility on Amazon – is your listing making the cut and truly optimized? With Listing Manager, you can finally feel confident in your listing optimization.


See changes in real time with Alerts. A customized surveillance system, right in your Seller.Tools dashboard.

Avoid profit-draining mistakes and oversights by never missing changes for: ReviewAble status, Color Variations, Title Changes, Weight Changes, BSR for ASIN, Adult Product Attribution, Presence of Hijackers, Buy Box Status, Price, …and more!

Product Research
Leverage the power of the most accurate, laser-focused, and up-to-date data direct from Amazon discover your next product gold mine.

Dial in over 20 parameters for a completely customized product search. With Prizm, you have access to the most accurate database for actionable product research insights - trusted by the top seller on the planet.