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Search Volume is Gone?! What it means for Amazon sellers

The oft-used means to capture real Amazon traffic data is no longer available. This adversely impacts visibility into both traffic and relevancy (direct from Amazon). Of course, this has broad implications as many tools and platforms on the market leverage this very...

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4 Essential Steps When Expanding Internationally

When it comes to expanding internationally to a new market like the U.K. there are a number of benefits to keep in mind.  Reaching a new customer base and earning more revenue is first and foremost.  Competition also tends to be lower, leading to faster growth along...

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How to Optimize Your Image Stack For More Sales

When I first started this conversion optimization game, I always started with the sales copy for the title, bullet points, and description. While I had good success starting with those changes, but had I fully understood the power of images, I would have always started there.
I can’t tell you the number of times that I have just worked on images for clients, and then they saw a solid boost in sales— almost immediately.
The ONE thing that will keep your customers around longer is your Image Stack — the first set of images they see on the top left of your product listing.

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Amazon Reaches $1 Trillion Dollars in Value

Barth GettoPresident Empowery eCommerce CooperativeJeff Bezos has long been one of the wealthiest people in the world. Now, the company he founded is also one of the world's most valuable surpassing the market cap of $1 trillion dollars on September 4th,...

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Amazon Storefronts Provide a Boost for Internet Sellers

Barth GettoPresident Empowery eCommerce CooperativeSelling on Amazon isn’t easy.It takes effort and, frankly, a lot of time. Moreover, it requires that visitors to your product pages actually become paying customers. That means you must differentiate...

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Definitive Guide to Relevancy %

A question I’m often asked is how to positively impact Relevancy %.This article aims to address this question head-on.Since rolling out the ‘Relevancy %’ feature on the Seller.Tools platform (a metric directly from Amazon) we’ve continued to test anecdotally on our own brands to truly isolate what Amazon is rewarding with respect to the all-important relevancy metric.Through various rounds of testing and with ongoing insights we’ve been able to identify the 4 key factors you can prioritize to impact Relevancy % for the keywords on your radar.

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How To Fix Your Index Issues (Graphic)

That’s how many sellers are finding themselves following the most recent Amazon update that is, in most cases, adversely impacting index and rank status. Fold in a bit of misinformation and misunderstanding spreading like wildfire and if you’ve got all the makings of mass confusion. Rest assured! We’ve got you covered. From insights into billions of keywords that we actively manage here at Seller.Tools we can give you practical steps to make sure you know exactly how to fix your index issues once and for all. Check out (and SHARE) this nifty graphic we put together for you.

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