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Massive ManyChat Changes Impacting Amazon Sellers

Whew! The dust has finally settled from the ManyChat Conversations 2019 conference.   SO many major updates and features directly impacting Amazon sellers.   I wanted to make sure you had one place to catch up and make the most of the evolution of the preeminent...

One Simple Step To Finally Achieving 7 Figures on Amazon

I have been selling on Amazon now for over ten years and as a private label seller for almost 6 years.  Over this time, I always get the same question…what is your most important secret to achieving success on Amazon? Many times, I think people asking me this are...

Amazon Sellers! Are You A ManyChat Expert?

The popularity and power of ManyChat is spreading like wildfire in Amazon communities. And, rightfully so. But you may be asking yourself what makes someone a ManyChat expert in an Amazon FBA (or physical product) business?No worries - we've got you covered! Our...

Auto SFB Complete Walkthrough – Start to Finish

Troy is sharing one of the most advanced strategies to rank for all your revenue-gushing keywords - AUTOMATICALLY. Implement the absolute best keyword ranking strategy on Amazon with: Organic, full-priced purchases 5-star customer service with automated order...

STEP-BY-STEP: How To Limit Number of Promotions in ManyChat

Do you ever catch yourself wanting to accomplish something on ManyChat but unable to find the specific setting on the platform to control it?   ManyChat is an incredibly advanced platform, but you have to use a little creativity to really make it work in amazing ways....

Creating a Review-Generating Automated Email Campaign

Amazon sellers at all levels of experience understand the importance of product reviews. Customers are more comfortable than ever purchasing private label products on Amazon, and that comfort comes from two main factor’s; Amazon’s excellent return policy and product...

A Unique Way to Net $100k with Amazon FBA

There's a number of ways to 'arbitrage' value and turn it into profit using FBA (or fulfillment by Amazon). One of the most overlooked ways to do that is by creating your very own Amazon FBA Agency. An agency geared towards recommending and deploying Amazon...

5 Tips to Optimize Your Amazon Listings for More Sales

Running a successful Amazon business goes beyond uploading information about your product and waiting for sales to come your way. As a business owner, you need to make sure that your potential customers actually see your product so they can decide to buy it. Knowing...

The (Real) Investment and Time Needed to Start an FBA Business

You’ve undoubtedly heard the horror stories. Sellers not knowing exactly what they are getting into when it comes to the level of investment required to bring their product to market. And, in truth, for a brand new sellers there’s a lot of hoops to jump through in...

3 Easy Ways to Build a Powerful Facebook Custom Audience

From a marketer's perspective, there's no channel quite like Facebook. In fact, to simply call it a 'channel' is to undersell it quite a bit. It's a marketplace, a social network, a robust data aggregator and so much more. But, having said that, what's important for...

Complete Guide to Amazon Terms of Service

“Is this within Amazon’s terms of service?”   It’s a constant (and rightfully so) question posed by many Amazon FBA sellers. So, I took the liberty of doing some heavy-lifting and aggregating the crucial pieces as part of a definitive guide (to date) of Amazon’s...

API 101

Recently, Seller.Tools rolled out full API integration through Zapier. This is a HUGE update - it essentially unlocks all of the powerful, actionable insights you get from your Seller.Tools data and allows them to inform other parts of your business's operations...

VIDEO: Brand Analytics Emboldens AMZ Report Card

Unlock the power of AMZ Report Card with additional insights from Brand Analytics data! Prioritizing the right keywords has never been easier. Discover top-performers in your space and capture thousands of your competitors' keywords in seconds with AMZ Report Card...

How to Complete Keyword Research on Amazon in 2019

The visibility of a (Terms of Service compliant) product listing on Amazon boils down to 1 thing: keywords.   I’ve been personally known to refer to keywords as many things…“The puzzle pieces of visibility on Amazon” “The potential Amazon market share” And the...

How to Rank on Amazon in 2019

So you’re selling on Amazon in 2019. Lucky you. It’s an amazing time in commerce to leverage the largest marketplace to ever exist. With that in mind you’ve rightfully prioritized your resources and efforts to rank your product. It’s simple after all, right? The...

Pulse: Performance at the Keyword Level (The New Relevancy)

Monitoring the Pulse of your keywords on Amazon is a crucial piece in the optimization equation.   Coming direct from the source (Amazon), it's affectionally been coined "the new Relevancy".   But with this unique and exclusive datapoint we've rightfully been asked...

Business Productivity Toolkit

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is scaling growth and spending their valuable time on the right things. As your business grows, how can you avoid spending time on unimportant time-sucks and exert a greater amount of mental energy on strategic...

VIDEO: Creating an Effective Amazon PPC Strategy

Amazon PPC is vastly different from other PPC platforms. With Amazon you can effectively 'Feed the Beast' by strategically deploying your advertising spend and approach. Troy highlights how you can utilize this strategy to great effect and potentially pivot your PPC...

Search Volume is Gone?! What it means for Amazon sellers

The oft-used means to capture real Amazon traffic data is no longer available. This adversely impacts visibility into both traffic and relevancy (direct from Amazon). Of course, this has broad implications as many tools and platforms on the market leverage this very...

The FBA Business Plan – From Chaos to Control to Scale Plan™

How to get tasks off your plate quickly, get organized with your own ‘filing cabinet’ of Standard Operating Procedures, and onboard new talent to refocus on strategy. You’ve got your business up and running. But there are problems. You’re struggling under the weight...

VIDEO: Leveraging the Power of ReviewAble

Most sellers know - Amazon reviews are one of the most important elements of your product listing. However, you may be wasting thousands of dollars capturing your reviews for your product only to find out your product isn’t review eligible at all. Don't miss this...

VIDEO: Creating and Revisiting Your Amazon Price Strategy

Choosing the right price strategy for your product on Amazon can be one of the most important decisions you make as a seller. In this video, Troy shares two distinct strategies for creating a pricing model for your product that drives sales and demonstrates value.Troy...

VIDEO: Is There an Optimal Number of Keywords to Manage?

Wondering how many keywords you should be managing per product? Troy breaks down this question and how market share is related to keyword management.  Your Seller.Tools access gives you the ability to manage up to 20,000 keywords! Don’t pass up the opportunity to...

4 Essential Steps When Expanding Internationally

When it comes to expanding internationally to a new market like the U.K. there are a number of benefits to keep in mind.  Reaching a new customer base and earning more revenue is first and foremost.  Competition also tends to be lower, leading to faster growth along...

How to Optimize Your Image Stack For More Sales

When I first started this conversion optimization game, I always started with the sales copy for the title, bullet points, and description. While I had good success starting with those changes, but had I fully understood the power of images, I would have always started there.
I can’t tell you the number of times that I have just worked on images for clients, and then they saw a solid boost in sales— almost immediately.
The ONE thing that will keep your customers around longer is your Image Stack — the first set of images they see on the top left of your product listing.

Amazon Reaches $1 Trillion Dollars in Value

Barth GettoPresident Empowery eCommerce CooperativeJeff Bezos has long been one of the wealthiest people in the world. Now, the company he founded is also one of the world's most valuable surpassing the market cap of $1 trillion dollars on September 4th,...

Amazon Storefronts Provide a Boost for Internet Sellers

Barth GettoPresident Empowery eCommerce CooperativeSelling on Amazon isn’t easy.It takes effort and, frankly, a lot of time. Moreover, it requires that visitors to your product pages actually become paying customers. That means you must differentiate...

Definitive Guide to Relevancy %

A question I’m often asked is how to positively impact Relevancy %.This article aims to address this question head-on.Since rolling out the ‘Relevancy %’ feature on the Seller.Tools platform (a metric directly from Amazon) we’ve continued to test anecdotally on our own brands to truly isolate what Amazon is rewarding with respect to the all-important relevancy metric.Through various rounds of testing and with ongoing insights we’ve been able to identify the 4 key factors you can prioritize to impact Relevancy % for the keywords on your radar.

How To Fix Your Index Issues (Graphic)

That’s how many sellers are finding themselves following the most recent Amazon update that is, in most cases, adversely impacting index and rank status. Fold in a bit of misinformation and misunderstanding spreading like wildfire and if you’ve got all the makings of mass confusion. Rest assured! We’ve got you covered. From insights into billions of keywords that we actively manage here at Seller.Tools we can give you practical steps to make sure you know exactly how to fix your index issues once and for all. Check out (and SHARE) this nifty graphic we put together for you.

7 Tips and Tricks to Supply-Chain Success

Private label manufacturing has never been so accessible. Yet, challenges remain dictated by complex inventory management, overseas relationships, and quality control. A good supply-chain has a lot of moving parts. If you want to reduce your exposure, make things more efficient, and start aggressively growing your sales, read on for our 7 Tips and Tricks to Supply-Chain Success. Written by China and ecommerce experts. (Note: The terms vendor and supplier are used synonymously.)

All you need to know to win with Amazon PPC

I’ve been fortunate enough to be born with an entrepreneur mindset.

Not from a wealthy family, since young age I was always able to leverage my skills and factory/consumer price arbitrage to get some “pocket money” in order to buy what I wanted, and until now nothing has changed.

Google Keyword Research Made Easy (and Done Right!)

SEO has changed a lot over the years. What worked 2 years ago might not work today. Voice search is emerging, site speed is important, the experts tell us that backlinks are everything, and then there’s the small matter of machine learning AI.

But what about keywords? Where do they fit into all this? Do they still matter? Is “keyword density” even a thing still?

Pros & Cons of Dominant Amazon Business Models

Selling products via Amazon FBA as a “Make money online” or “Make money from home” business model has grown exponentially in the past few years.

Millennials are waking up to the fact that their college degrees don’t guarantee a job that will pay off their student loans before they die.

Save Thousands By Having Your Supplier Act As Your Warehouse

In any physical products business cash flow is always a challenge. Running out of stock can kill product ranking and leave thousands of dollars on the table but having too much inventory can tie up precious capital that could have otherwise been used to grow your business. On top of that using Am

5 Key Strategies for Managing Multiple VAs

Managing multiple VAs is a very real challenge that many online sellers face. But VA management does not have to be that thorn in your side that just won’t quit stinging.

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